July 2011 Posts

Eagle Recovers at Wildlife Rehab Center

Eagle, injured

Bill and Fran found this beautiful but emaciated mature eagle in the bushes. It had blood in its mouth. The eagle was brought to the Wildwoods rehab location for help with what appears to be lead poisoning.

Eagles scavenge, so get lead from dead fish on the beach, that have swallowed the lure or have tackle attached. Also, gut piles from the fall deer hunt are scavenge-able for months and months if they’ve lain frozen under the snow. Though lead poisoning in eagles peaks during and just after hunting season, we see it during the rest of the year, too.

Wildwoods Rehabilitation staff looked into the eagle kennel with their hearts in their mouths this morning, prepared for what seemed inevitable. But–he’s alive!!! Break out the chicken breast (what we feed to severely emaciated raptors) and give that boy a meal! He will be en route to the Raptor Center in St. Paul at the U of MN for further treatment by professionals skilled in the care of raptors.

For more info, visit Wildwoods Rehab on Facebook.

Duluth Motorcycle Mechanics

I am looking for a mechanic to help me keep my 1988 Honda NX250 running. Preferably a mom-and-pop shop for all my motorcycle repair needs, or someone who works on bikes on the side for cash/barter. Will drive up to 100 miles outside of the Twin Ports if needed. Any advice is appreciated!

Excuse Me Princess & Loup-Garou Tour Kickoff

show flier

Come celebrate the short 6 day tour that Excuse Me Princess and Loup-Garou are heading out on this Wednesday at Teatro Zuccone. Show is at 7pm and has a $5 cover. It is also an all ages event, so bring the whole family.

Joining those two at this show will be Lions&Creators. So you know it’s good…

EMP and Loup-Garou will be playing a short acoustic set at the Electric Fetus the same day at 2pm.

4th of July Rally for Marriage Equality

Join hundreds of marriage equality supporters at Leif Erikson Park Monday, July 4, from 1-3 p.m. The event is organized by Duluth United for All Families and kicks off a 17-month campaign to defeat the amendment banning recognition of marriage for LGBT couples in Minnesota. A walk along the Lakewalk to Bayfront Park begins at 3 p.m. The event will be held rain or shine; all are welcome!

Every weekend is a 3-Day Weekend

Every week there are 6 performances at the Teatro Zuccone – guaranteed. Two shows on Thursday night, two on Friday night and two on Saturday night. One prime-time show for the general public (rated PG – for everybody), and one late-night show for those who like their entertainment served with a PBR tall boy (rated R – for big kids).

Theater, music, film, dance, comedy, poetry – you name it, you’ll see it at the Teatro Zuccone.  We’ll be here 6 times a week – every week. We promise. The only thing you have to do is visit 3dayweekendmn.com and see just what we’re offering this week to appease the entertainment-starved masses.

Experienced Piano Teacher Looking for Students in Duluth

Hello all! My husband and I are moving to Duluth in a few weeks. I’ll be starting to teach soon after! I’ve been teaching for 16 years, for the last 8 in Chicago. I have my master’s degree in piano performance and pedagogy from Northeastern Illinois University.

The rest of my info is at emilymoepianostudio.wordpress.com.

Out Soon for Download

@ www.danecdote.com

Duluth Music and Maritime Festival 2011

US Brig Niagara, Pride of Baltimore II and Lynx

Additional entertainers announced in recent weeks for the Duluth Music and Maritime Festival include Mason Jennings, Chmielewski Funtime Band, Heiruspecs, Haley Bonar and Cantus.

That’s in addition to the Suburbs, Gear Daddies, Cracker, Retribution Gospel Choir, Tom Kastle, Ninety to the Dozen, AM Rubin, Bounding Main and family programming by the Duluth Playhouse.

It all happens July 15-18 on the waterfront behind Grandma’s Sports Garden, Bellisio’s and the Paulucci Building.

North Shore prime

If you can find a place to park other than the side of 61, this would would be an ideal weekend to explore North Shore state parks without all the crowds. Boldly enter at the gates or use the trails (SHT) running into them. And the lupines up the Shore are stunning right now.

Busking in Duluth

I’ve been reading a lot about the possibilities of busking in Duluth, and I still can’t really tell what the verdict is. I went to the city site to see if there is actually a form or something, and I saw nothing.

So, is busking in town free of licensing? It seems to be the case, but I can’t be 100 percent sure.

Also, is the audition process something you must do? There was a lot of coverage of the “official” buskers, but I couldn’t see anything about whether they were the only people allowed to play on the street.

What do the yellow flags mean at Park Point beach access points in Duluth?

We saw them at Tot Lot and the firehall on Park Point. Riptide? E. coli? What?