He’s Back…

Tony ‘I Wish I Had My Life Back’ Hayward of BP oil ‘spill’ fame has landed his feet squarely in our backyard – as the Environmental Officer for GlenCore, the PI for the planned sulfide mining project near Hoyt Lakes.

Any dirty hippies/concerned citizens/people who simply love the Northland out there want to protest this thing?



about 12 years ago

This guy is the dirty one, not us hippies.


about 12 years ago

Yes!  Rejoice vibrant lands and waters.  We need a watershed that can support community efforts to grow food.


about 12 years ago

Yeah, let's protest someone who is trying to move on in their career from a mistake they didn't have anything to do with.

That sounds productive.  After we're done, let's go beak the new hire at SuperAmerica who got canned from his job at the movie theatre for smoking pot behind the dumpster.

[Sigh]  Idiots.


about 12 years ago

wow, somebody's bitter this morning...


about 12 years ago

For the sake of future generations there is no sacrifice to small for the preservation of the lands and WATERS that sustain life.


about 12 years ago

You can buy pot at SA?

The Candidate

about 12 years ago

BoB, you ignorant slut.

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