Nerd Nite #10

Nerd Nite 10 will showcase some of the favorite nerdy presentations from the past year and half. Come enjoy some midweek entertainment, learn something you didn’t know you didn’t know.

It’s like the Discovery Channel with beer.


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about 13 years ago

Hey. I love NerdNite, and I have posted about it here before. I wish I were aware of them happening slightly before they happened. When I left SMDC at 6pm, I wish that I would have walked to NerdNite with my wife instead of walking to Walgreens.

I have just joined the list here: Maybe this will help. I am your audience! Reach me!


about 13 years ago

I'll take the blame for that one rhetoricguy. This was supposed to be on PDD much earlier than it was and that is my failure. I'm glad to know there's fans out there and we will continue to improve how we advertise.

Thanks for the message!

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