November 2012 Posts

Young Female Eagle Struggles No More

Styrofoam recycling in Duluth

I have a basement full of pieces of hard Styrofoam blocks in all shapes and sizes that I need to get rid of. I hate the stuff, but cannot bring myself to send it to the landfill, due to environmental concerns. I have six years’ worth of it and it is time to do something so I can reclaim the large area of my basement that is currently overrun by it. Does anyone know of anywhere local that I can bring this stuff where they can recycle or reuse it? I know shipping places take packing peanuts, but several have told me they do not take the larger pieces or blocks that come in the packaging of appliances. I thought I had heard something a few years ago about Lake Superior College having a recycling program for Styrofoam, but I have been unable to find any confirmation of this.

On a related note, I also have several very large pieces of cardboard (about 5’x3′) up for grabs. If anyone wants it let me know and you can pick it up in the Piedmont area.

Canal Park Brewing Co. Reviews

Does anyone know if the new brewery is open yet?

In Case You Missed It

This is too stupid to not let go unnoticed: Welcome to UMD. Again.

Duluth RecyclaBell


For the sake of Duluth music history, and inspired by a reunion show, we take a look back at the RecyclaBell and the mid-1990s Duluth music scene.

Where in Duluth?

Who was here before the current business expanded into this area?

Lost Dog in Congdon Neighborhood

Our family is missing our male Cairn Terrier named Rusty. He snuck out of the house around noon on Thanksgiving day. He is very sweet and gentle, but may be difficult to catch. He is dark gray wearing a blue Hawaiian collar. He has a name tag with phone number, but that number is disconnected. He is also wearing a yellow microchip tag. He is sadly missed. If found, please call or text Darlene at 218-391-2640 or Chuck at 218-341-1415. Reward for his return!

Electrician needed

‘Tis the season for holiday cheer, large amounts of food, and obviously nasty electrical gremlins to pop up and bite us in the ass at inopportune times. We are currently experiencing a power outage to one part of our house. Whilst trying to locate the problem, we discovered that we still have old knob and tube wiring mixed in with newer wiring, even though everything is tied to a modern breaker. We have been searching high and low for a loose wire somewhere, but now fear that the old knob and tube wiring has finally just fried itself leaving us in the dark. Can anyone in the PDD community recommend a good local electrician with a vast knowledge of the old-school knob- and tube-style wiring?

Thankful in Duluth — 2012 Edition

Not that we aren’t generally grateful at Perfect Duluth Day, but, well … there is a category of posts called “Bitching” and not one called “Jubilant Praise” (although maybe “Recommendations” covers that). Anyway, at least once a year we do throw things open for folks to comment about what they are thankful for in this world (or Duluth specifically).

To start things off, on behalf of the PDD staff, I’d like to thank the nearly 2,000 people who have blogging accounts on PDD and keep the online Duluthist banter going day after day — not to mention the thousands more who lurk on the site, read it regularly, but keep their thoughts to themselves.

We should all be thankful for zero losses of human life during the Historic Summer Solstice Flood Disaster of 2012, although quite a few homes and possessions were wrecked and a few critters met their unpleasant demise. And we should all be thankful the Leap Day 2012 Snowmageddon happened or it pretty much would have been a snowless winter.

But it’s good to be thankful for the little things, too, so I’m going to focus on Goo Goo Cluster pie.

(Here’s what folks on PDD were thankful for in 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004 and 2003.)

It’s a sign

Click on image to learn proper punctuation

Here is a sign for all the sign readers here on PDD. A sign that actually explains how to properly use an apostrophe! Who knew?


Duluth Real Estate Agent Recommendations

Looking for recommendations for a buyer’s agent for the area.

Help Habitat for Humanity get a family home for Christmas

Western Lake Superior Habitat for Humanity is looking for volunteers on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. (or any sizable chunk of time in there) to help remodel a home for the Christianson family.  Construction experience is useful, but a willingness to help is the only requirement.

Families are chosen based on the level of need for decent housing, their ability to repay a zero-interest mortgage for the cost of construction (average $90k) and their willingness to help build their home, working alongside volunteers from across the Twin Ports community.

The Christiansons and their three boys and baby girl have been through a lot this year and our goal is to complete construction on the home in time for the them to move in to their newly remodeled home by Christmas.  We’ll need lots of help from the community to accomplish this goal please e-mail Susan Marks at volunteer @, call 218-722-3875 or sign up to volunteer online.

Wild Grinch Chase

I’m looking to borrow a Grinch costume for my junior high choir concert in December. A fellow teacher told me that she saw two different marching bands with a costumed Grinch at the Christmas City of the North Parade on Friday. Of course, I wasn’t there, but does anyone remember which two marching bands might have had a green, Grouchy Santa monster marching with them? I hear one of the bands was in blue uniforms with an S on their chests.

If no one went to the parade, does anyone know of a wacky uncle or a costume shop that might have this particular costume? The concert is coming up fast!

Soldering and/or electronics wizard wanted

I’m looking for a person knowledgeable in the fine arts of soldering and/or electronics to either commission, or better yet, apprentice under. Teach a man to fish, y’know?

I am an artist and ummm … musician new to the area looking to expand my arsenal and meet up and work with like-minded folks. I have a few specific projects in mind but lack the cognitive capacity for such wonderful crap. Basic synth kits. Circuit modification and highly liquid midi kits are on my mind … Google em.

Prefer to trade work, food, art or any other supplies before cash. I can also do cash.

PDD Gift Guide 2012

For the past few years, the gang at Perfect Duluth Day has pointed out gift options produced by the locals — from durable goods made by the region’s top manufacturers to cute little bags of cookies from the corner bakery. We feature 15 lovely items and encourage the PDD community to add to the ideas in the comments.

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