Young Female Eagle Struggles No More

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Saturday: We have a lead-poisoned eagle. The eagle is from Fond du Lac, and is currently in the basement of one of our rehabbers in the Kenwood area.

Sunday Morning: We are so grateful for the kindness of Jason, who gave up 6 hours of his Sunday to drive the sick bald eagle to the Raptor Center when no other rides were available.

Sunday Afternoon: Jason just called from the Raptor Center. The vet there had to put the Eagle down; the lead level was too high to treat, and the x-ray showed a bullet fragment that the eagle had scavenged along with the deer gut pile deep inside the eagle’s GI track. Farzad called the Conservation Officer at Fond du Lac who brought in the eagle and told him the news. The CO was very saddened and told Farzad he will do his best to educate people. It was a beautiful female eagle.

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about 10 years ago

From Jason:

"So today I had the honor and privledge of not only working with but transporting a beautiful female Bald Eagle to the Raptor center today in St Paul, Mn. Thanks to Wildwoods. But, seeing first hand the damage that lead can do to these beautiful and majestic animals is a sobering event. I learned today that it only takes a piece of lead the size of a small pin head to doom one of these birds to a painful and agonizing death. As as person that hunts once in a great while it is a huge eye opener to see how damaging lead can be. So I a begging and pleading and yes even graveling to those that deer hunt, duck hunt, and small game hunt please do NOT use Lead base ammo, copper is a much much better choice not only for the enviroment but is a lot more accurate."

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