Flooding in Duluth and North Shore

Duluth Flood Arial

Rain, rain, go away. With 6-8 inches of precipitation in the past 18 hours, flooding in Duluth and the surrounding area has caused serious problems for everyone. With more rain on the way things are probably going to get worse before they get better. I have been personally fighting a flooding basement, but feel fortunate that is all I have had to deal with. I am wondering if now is the time to start building an ark?

Post your Duluth Flood 2012 pictures and videos in the comments.

Associated Press: Major flooding in northeastern Minnesota has closed roads, Duluth city hall and a university campus and has authorities recommending emergency travel only.

Steady, torrential rain has closed Interstate 35 and downtown tunnels in Duluth. Police say sinkholes and washouts have made travel dangerous. Residents of the Fond du Lac neighborhood in Duluth are being asked to leave their homes because of the rising St. Louis River.



about 12 years ago

There were squads blocking off the 8th St. Bridge. Concerns over the roadway settling. After some inspections, it was cleared.

Cory Fechner

about 12 years ago

It is jet-ski to work day in Duluth.
Duluth Flooding


about 12 years ago

Who took all those photos?


about 12 years ago

Halfway up the Chester Creek trail as you're climbing (left side), there's a HUGE mudslide that brought down many large trees. The slide goes from the creek all the way up to the house that overlooks the creek (if you're crossing the 8th Street bridge westbound, it's the cool house perched above the creek on the right).


about 12 years ago

So surreal viewing these photos, reading all the articles online, along with the calls and messages I've received today, while out of town. 

The DNT has compiled an updated and growing list of notices and closures.

Stay safe!


about 12 years ago


Les F

about 12 years ago

Not to make light of the situation, but saw this link on Reddit this morning, had to pass it on. Had an interesting picture.



about 12 years ago


It was reassuring to see these guys on the scene.


about 12 years ago

Les, that reminds me of this video:


Barrett Chase

about 12 years ago

Meanwhile, PDD's own Paul Lundgren lost major Duluth points by missing the storm entirely to be someplace ... drier.



about 12 years ago

I don't know who took all the photos, but I can tell you this: the one in the number 5 position isn't of the Duluth Flood 2012 at all--it's pulled from a site on Great Lakes seches, from 2001. 

[Admin note: That photo has been removed from the gallery.]

It really bugs me that somebody threw that one out there and got it spread so far and wide. I saw it on the MPR site and about a dozen of my friends reposted it as well. 

No, the Canal did not flood and the lake didn't look like that while it was raining.

Derek Montgomery

about 12 years ago

I've posted a video and some photos on my blog of flooding in the Duluth and Moose Lake area while working for MPR this past week. Just about everywhere you go, it's jaw dropping how widespread the damage is.

Multiple other photo galleries can be found on the MPR site as well.

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