November 2012 Posts

The Murder of Crows at Sacred Heart

Gaelynn Lea and Alan Sparhawk performing an online concert, captured by Lakefront Films. Sound by Jake Larson and Eric Swanson.

Un Taco Mas: “We are still here”

Hello Duluthians, I am Rosalinda, owner of Un Taco Mas — the taco trailer mentioned in a PDD post last month. We would like to say thank you to all who came out and tried our food. We would like to apologize for it taking longer to re-open than we expected. We ran into some financial problems and we are working hard to get it up and running again. We will have a bigger menu, so please keep your eyes open and look for us. Again we thank you for your support and look forward to serving you again!

Prøve Gallery Call for Art Under $100

Prøve Gallery, Duluth’s newest space for emerging and contemporary art, is seeking to give emerging artists the opportunity to gain experience and exposure and further Duluth’s community involvement and interest in the arts.

Call for Art Under $100

All work should be priced under $100. There are no theme or media restrictions. Works can be hung on the wall, free standing, laying on the floor, suspended, etc.

Sawmill Unpainted Furniture — what’s the deal?

I tried to go there over the weekend and even though it should have been open, it was closed with a “For Lease” sign. Internet searches have been unhelpful. Does anybody know what’s going on? I need a dining room table!

The Duluth Creative Corridor

Today’s reading material:
PDF of the full report | PDF of the executive summary

Location of the old ski jump in Fond du Lac

I know there was a ski jump in the Fond du Lac neighborhood, close to Mission Creek. I’ve been on the trails on that steep hillside and have found a small concrete pad in the woods, pretty close to Mission Creek. Would the ski jump have been near this small pad? Also, on top of the big hill I have found some overgrown, wide trails that almost look like they could’ve been some type of maintenance/service trails for the ski jump. Is this related to the old ski jump?

Help inform Duluth to improve city parks

Marketing students at the University of Minnesota Duluth are conducting a survey to achieve a better understanding of how city parks are being utilized. Responses are anonymous and shouldn’t take too long. Thank you for the participation!

PDD Poll: Legalization

Should Minnesota follow suit with Washington and Colorado, and legalize marijuana use for recreational purposes?

This poll is now closed. The results were:

Yes – 88.6 percent
No – 6.8 percent
Not sure – 4.6 percent

Should Minnesota follow suit with Washington and Colorado, and legalize marijuana use for recreational purposes?

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This week: mountains to be climbed, dances to be danced, and bells to be jingled


Here’s a sampling of what you have to look forward to this week on the PDD Calendar.

Lonnie Dupree is set to attempt to summit Mt. McKinley in January, which has never been done before. You can meet this hero slash mad man at the UMD Planetarium on Tuesday.

It’s been said that “talking about art is like dancing about architecture.” Well you can see UMD folk dancing about art in the Tweed Museum on Wednesday and Thursday and then… you can talk about it. Perfecto.

Well, it’s snowing out and we haven’t even finished our Halloween candy so, of course, Christmas events must begin. (Insert curmudgeonly grumble here.)

Fa la flipping la.

By the way, revisit our new Christmas tag to see a list of all similarly festive happenings in the area.

So what are you doing this week? Can we tag along? Any upcoming events that you want to promote? Let us know!

Lost Dog – Denfeld area

Niko - lost dog

Our family dog escaped Friday night after 9 p.m. in the Denfeld area. His name is Niko and he is wearing a plaid collar. He is very friendly so I know some doglover brought him inside to be out of the cold nad wind. He is greatly missed and on medication so if you or someone you know found him please contact us at 218.349.8571. Thank you!

Business Ideas for Old Downtown

What type of business do you think would survive in Old Downtown once all of the storefronts are empty by the Last Place on Earth?

Post Election Day Hunt

By David Cowardin
Duluth Outdoors Editor 

After the 2012 presidential election, there are only so many things a man can do to come back down to earth. Hunting grouse is one of them.

“Think of it as hiking with a gun,” my friend Luke said.

You see, I’ve never been hunting. Ever. So Luke was showing me how simple it really is.

“It’s really just an excuse to get out into the woods,” he said as he stopped to rub some pine needles between his fingers, telling me how much sweeter they smells after a rain.

We were about 30 miles north on Rice Lake Road, hiking around a small lake listening for the heavy thump of a grouse. The sky was gray and everything was wet: the sweet smell of pine was strong.

Ol’ Yeller – “One Up”

Song from the new album Levels. Video shot in the Lake Vermilion area.

A solution to the LPOE problem?

So, I haven’t read every post and comment related to the Last Place on Earth here on PDD, so maybe this connection has already been made, but hearing about voters in Washington and Colorado legalizing recreational marijuana use makes me think if they can do it out there, maybe we can do it here. Then maybe, just maybe, the LPOE wouldn’t have to sell the “legal alternatives” that seem to be way more harmful than the real stuff. Or do you think this would even make a difference? Would people still line up for incense and bath salts or whatever the heck it is they sell there, even if marijuana was legal?

Not just where in Duluth but what, why?