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From the Dizzo Archives: Last Place on Earth

Aside from being an occasional radio show host, I’ve always fancied myself a bit of an archivist. Some will say hoarder, but I’ll keep saying archivist. I attended the Last Place on Earth auction in Superior last weekend hoping to find some local treasures. I’m mostly a music and clothes collector so I was excited to see there was plenty of both.

Minnesota Point Lighthouse Painting

This painting by the late Sylvia S. Reasor was sitting among the Pink Floyd lighters, Bob Marley patches, bongs, sex toys and whatnot at the Last Place on Earth liquidation auction this past weekend.

Blacklist brewery aims for mid-November opening


Blacklist co-founder Jon Loss

Blacklist Artisan Ales, homeless since Sept. 1, is transitioning into its new and improved home at 120 E. Superior St. The revamped space is still under construction and is barely recognizable as the former site of the infamous Last Place on Earth head shop. If all goes well, the brewery will begin production in mid-October and the taproom will open in mid-November.

Blacklist brewery expanding to downtown Duluth

Blacklist Artisan Ales partners

Jon Loss, Brian Schanzenbach and TJ Estabrook, the partners behind Blacklist Artisan Ales

One of the smaller Twin Ports breweries, Blacklist Artisan Ales, is earning big media attention this week after its announced expansion into the building that previously housed the infamous Last Place on Earth head shop.

Camera crews, form a semi-circle. It’s time to remove the Last Place on Earth sign.

Among the throng of photographers and videographers, Lane Ellis captured this 17-minute don’t-miss-a-moment-of-the-action version of the Last Place on Earth sign being removed by city workers.

Jim Carlson – Guilty

From the Minneapolis Star Tribune: Headshop owner guilty of selling illegal synthetic drugs

A Duluth headshop owner was found guilty of selling banned synthetic drugs Monday afternoon in a case likely to have major impact on the handling of artificial hallucinogens.

Jim Carlson, 56, owner of the Last Place on Earth, was found guilty on 51 of 55 felony counts. His girlfriend, Lava Marie Haugen, 33, was convicted on all four counts against her, including conspiracy. Carlson’s son, Joseph James Gellerman, 35, was convicted of two of four counts against him, but not guilty of conspiracy.

The trial lasted two weeks, and the seven-woman, five-man jury deliberated for about two days over the 55 felony counts.

Duluth News Tribune: “Jury finds Last Place on Earth owner Jim Carlson guilty on most counts
WDIO: Carlson guilty on 51 counts
Northland’s NewsCenter: “Jury upholds 51 counts against Jim Carlson in federal court

Jim Carlson vs. United States of America: How will court rule?

Last Place on Earth store owner Jim Carlson’s trial is scheduled to begin today. He’s accused of 54 55 counts of violating federal drug and regulatory laws. How many of them will stick? Perhaps you’d like to take a lucky guess. There’s a prize involved, so concentrate and read on.

More explanation below, poll question now:

How many counts of federal drug and regulatory laws will Jim Carlson be found guilty of violating?

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This poll is now closed.

Following the ruling on the case, everyone who has chosen the correct number will be entered into a drawing for the prize. What is the prize? It’s a little vague, but PDD will buy you something nice at any shop located near the Last Place on Earth. Maybe you’d like a nice lunch at the Chinese Dragon, some copies at Shel-don, some tokens at Fond-du-Luth Casino or a couple Starfire Ales at Tycoons? We’ll figure it out.

Normally we turn off the commenting feature on polls, but this time we are leaving it on, because it could be interesting to get into some discussion about strategy.

It should be noted that there are three other defendants in this case, charged along with Carlson on some of the counts. For the purposes of this poll, we are considering them irrelevant.

Any changes to the ruling on appeal do not apply to this poll/contest.

Also, because this poll was recklessly hatched overnight, we reserve the right to change the rules at any point, should there be something stupid we overlooked.

Below is a copy of the indictment, courtesy of Minnesota Public Radio. Click here to read it bigger.

Ground Zero: Duluth’s Battle Against Synthetic Drugs

I wanted to share this documentary with anyone who is interested in viewing it. The film is 25 minutes and takes an objective look at the synthetic drug problem in town. I have put it together over the past year and a half, and while the situation is still ongoing, I think it does a good job of educating the viewers on the toll this issue has had on the different people involved with the issue.

Jim Carlson: “The Nazis got me again.”

[This post originally contained an embedded video that is no longer available at its source.]

This afternoon Duluth police arrested Last Place on Earth owner Jim Carlson and his son, Joseph Gellerman, on probable cause based on prior sales of illegal controlled substances to undercover police officers.

Both Carlson and Gellerman were transported to the St. Louis County Jail and booked for three counts of fourth-degree sale of controlled substance.

A solution to the LPOE problem?

So, I haven’t read every post and comment related to the Last Place on Earth here on PDD, so maybe this connection has already been made, but hearing about voters in Washington and Colorado legalizing recreational marijuana use makes me think if they can do it out there, maybe we can do it here. Then maybe, just maybe, the LPOE wouldn’t have to sell the “legal alternatives” that seem to be way more harmful than the real stuff. Or do you think this would even make a difference? Would people still line up for incense and bath salts or whatever the heck it is they sell there, even if marijuana was legal?

Yet another LPOE Post

Can someone explain the sign now in the window at the Last Place on Earth stating that on April First they will stop selling incense and start selling marijuana?

Last Watercolor on Earth

Jack Bratrud has a collection of watercolor paintings on display in the Louvre Gallery. His depiction of the Last Place on Earth seems like it shouldn’t go unnoticed on PDD.

Last Election on Earth

Well, there it is. Jim Carlson’s name is on the ballot.

Last Place on Earth first-of-the-month sale

Drive by the Last Place on Earth today and watch your tax money going up in smoke!


There seems to be a lot of concern for the rights of the millionaire businessman who is attempting to use loopholes in the law to make money at the great expense of others who want nothing to do with his business, but are forced to carry the burden of his business model.  Jim Carlson hides behind a dubious technicality claiming that the poison he is selling at the Last Place on Earth is OK because the chemists keep playing Russian roulette with his customers by changing the chemical compounds on a regular basis.

A true libertarian wouldn’t hide behind technicalities of the law – they would take full, personal responsibility for their actions.  Carlson has a business model in which he is making millions and externalizing costs onto the community.  Because of his business model, other businesses are struggling, the government pays for the emergency health care for uninsured addicts, and our public sidewalks and parks are taken over by people getting high, selling drugs, and harassing other folks who want no part of his business – yet are forced to absorb the costs that Carlson is imposing on them.