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Any Upset Duluth folks dislike Hobby Lobby?

I’m tired of reading blogs and Facebook posts about the most recent court ruling won by Hobby Lobby to refuse its female employees basic women’s health care and discriminate against decisions that should be made with a medical provider. I’ve organized a local protest to create awareness to the local store’s shoppers. We will be there the next three mornings at 9 a.m. until about noon with signs. We hope you will join us or help spread the word. E-mail or send your positive energy to me at cletarose @ Thanks!

Yet another LPOE Post

Can someone explain the sign now in the window at the Last Place on Earth stating that on April First they will stop selling incense and start selling marijuana?

Unwelcome in Duluth (part II)

After following the interesting post “Unwelcome in Duluth” and reading a few of the articles mentioned in the numerous posts, I have come to the conclusion that people want different things from this city. Thus, I would like you to ask a few questions to yourself, the people of Duluth to see what kind of consensus can be achieved.

1: What do you want out of a Duluth life?

2: Are you getting it?

3: If not, can this be achievable in Duluth (right now, not in ten years from now or 100 years ago)?

4: What are you willing to sacrifice to get it?

Fort Worth Culture

So Zra – is Norshor gonna have angels or devils?

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