Yet another LPOE Post

Can someone explain the sign now in the window at the Last Place on Earth stating that on April First they will stop selling incense and start selling marijuana?



about 12 years ago

April Fools?


about 12 years ago

Hi Carla--I think LPOE put that sign up last April Fools Day

Paul Lundgren

about 12 years ago

It is absolutely an April Fools joke, as noted in one of the 642 comments on the original "Is the Last Place on Earth ruining Duluth?" post.


(Photo by Jeremiah Brown)


about 12 years ago

My brother always says I have made a career out of being out-of-it.


about 12 years ago

Well, Carla according to the other sign here, you could parley that "being-out-of-it" career into a job at the LPOE. I know you're looking for a career change ... hehe. Now, you're from Texas so you must be good with a pistol, they're allowed at LPOE, how are you with toddlers?

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