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The Dark Web Movie


This post is from a Texas friend:

Back in 2013 I posted [somewhere else, not on Perfect Duluth Day] about the arrest of my nephew Ross Ulbricht for allegedly running Silk Road. I remember many on this forum [another forum, not PDD] jumped to condemn him and still might hold the same view. FYI: He admitted to creating it as a free-market experiment, but that is all, as he left it to do other things (and I have reason to believe him). The murder-for-hire claim was a story to drive public opinion and he was never charged with it.

Looking for a versatile jazz band

The event committee for MinnRoast 2014 has decided to switch the venue from Pantages to the State Theatre. Because of the larger, more professional venue we need to up the level of professionalism. We think we need a band (preferably jazz or big band sound) to carry the transitions and learn the accompaniments (currently there is just piano). This would be a paid gig and requires a lot of improvisation and thinking on your feet.

If you do no know what MinnRoast is …


Chester Creek Cafe is looking for a prep cook – great environment.

Yet another LPOE Post

Can someone explain the sign now in the window at the Last Place on Earth stating that on April First they will stop selling incense and start selling marijuana?

Kind of interesting …

Catholic guilt by association: how Minnesota marriage amendment politics hurt Land Stewardship Project

Chester Park and Creek

Chester Creek Damage

Shots from Duluth Outdoors

We are trying to put something together to have fun/fundraise/organize for flood damage. The problem is so huge that it’s hard to know how to attack but we are thinking Chester Creek and Park since we are named after that. The damage there is significant and federal money will need to be applied for. This event would be more for seed money to apply for grants and do some immediate chainsawing and so forth.

Levitating Volkswagen

Plastic is better than silicon.


Photo Electric Effect

Texas Science: “Discovery of a ‘Dark State’ Could Mean a Brighter Future for Solar Energy

Need Your Help

Someone took this picture of the Evil Queen with Snow White’s heart from the bathroom at Chester Creek Cafe. It was a gift from my brother 25 years ago and had sentimental value. Ok – yes it was dopey of me to have it in there but it was screwed to the wall and I had misplaced faith in humankind. I want it back – a reward is offered. No questions asked. Please help me if you can.

Eveil Queen

Here's Her Heart

Hometown Heroes – Today’s DNT

Ann Lockwood, who stands outside her home at 627 E. Eighth St., expresses her gratitude Monday for the help she received from Project Save Our Homes in preventing the foreclosure of her house. She’s flanked by Duluth city Councilor Sharla Gardner (left) and County Commissioner Steve O’Neil.

Duluth News Tribune: “Fighting foreclosures, one home at a time: New group helps Duluth woman keep her home.”

Sex and Rock and Roll

Perfect World

Now that I have your attention

I thought it would be better to start a whole new thread because this is an important topic. And yes it will be bloody tedious. But here is the deal: ever since Jean Paul Sartre it’s been known in Western Civ that one quality of social interaction is the ongoing appraisal of everyone by everyone else. Sartre called it “the Look” and what he meant by that was how a person was changed when they knew they were being perceived by someone else. Sartre’s lover, Simone de Beauvoir, was the first to write about how men used this system to relegate women to the category of “other.” We are men (persons) but women are not. They are other. Please don’t kill the messenger here — I am just repeating what they said.

Cinematic Inquiry

I am working on a film project that uses a variety of sources — DV Tape, CGI, Photoshop, etc. I want to try to put the DV images which are 720×540 on part of the screen and something else on the other part because I want the film to end up as 16:9 and all the DV is 4:3.

I have been all through all kinds of etc. and can’t find the answer to this. I am including a picture to show where I am trying to go.

Ack! Ack! Ack!!

Jessie Houghton is tonight not tomorrow night at Chester Creek Wine Bar
Old Timers Disease.

At Sara’s Table Friday Night

The date on the poster is wrong. The show will be Friday, July 8.

Sunday Morning Chester Creek Cafe

Mimosa Bluegrass Brunch


Fathers Day Brunch