From the Dizzo Archives: Last Place on Earth

Aside from being an occasional radio show host, I’ve always fancied myself a bit of an archivist. Some will say hoarder, but I’ll keep saying archivist. I attended the Last Place on Earth auction in Superior last weekend hoping to find some local treasures. I’m mostly a music and clothes collector so I was excited to see there was plenty of both.

Although I didn’t see much in the way of local vinyl, I decided to spend money on a couple of flats of cassettes as I spied a couple of 1980s Duluth releases I didn’t have in the collection. (If you’re curious, I now own cassettes from Mynx and the Persian Gulf Club). What I didn’t originally notice was the tape I discovered when I got home.

Embedded above is the future theme song for the Walt Dizzo Show.

*Yes, I know the history of the LPOE and how it spiraled into a soul-sucking monster that wouldn’t stop … I’ll argue there are other businesses that take advantage of Duluthians that everyone seems to keep frequenting, but I digress. I present this “theme” as a tongue-in-cheek remembrance of the head shop of my youth filled with clove cigarettes, Pink Floyd posters and throwing stars.

If anyone has info on who recorded this gem please comment and let us know!

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