Ground Zero: Duluth’s Battle Against Synthetic Drugs

I wanted to share this documentary with anyone who is interested in viewing it. The film is 25 minutes and takes an objective look at the synthetic drug problem in town. I have put it together over the past year and a half, and while the situation is still ongoing, I think it does a good job of educating the viewers on the toll this issue has had on the different people involved with the issue.


Dave P

about 11 years ago

Impressive Jon. It was very interesting to hear Carlson's pseudo-Libertarian justifications for what he's done (doing) to the community. I think that there's a lot more to tell with this story, both as it continues to unfold and in terms of some of the elements that you've already developed (the young woman's story, effects on local businesses, etc.). I'd love to see this expanded to feature length.


about 11 years ago

Objective? Well, maybe. Jim Carlson certainly gets a lot more face time than any local media outlet has ever given him. On the other hand, I would have liked to see more interviews with synthetic drug users, such as those Bothun posted on PDD in February of 2012, which presented a nonhysterical, more commonsense attitude toward synthetics. One interview with a single user who has struggled with "fourteen years of alcohol and drug use," including cigarettes, marijuana, alcohol, methamphetamine, mushrooms, acid, prescription opiates, heroin, and Ecstasy does not, to me, make a very compelling case against synthetic marijuana. I am baffled as to why Bothun didn't include the other interviews.

If nothing else, this documentary provides a good look at the prohibitionist attitude of most mainstream Americans with regard to synthetics. None of the doctors, law enforcement officers or politicians even mentioned the possibility of legalizing marijuana as a way of solving the problem. It was all about punishment.


about 11 years ago

+1 Ramos' 2nd paragraph.

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