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No FEMA aid for individuals

What do you think about that?

FEMA rejects individual flood aid in Northland; state will appeal decision

Bring back bricks!

I know the city has a lot on its hands right now, but this decision was made pre-flood. Maybe a fraction of a percent of rebuilding money can go toward buying a couple of bricks, because this looks awful.

Where in Duluth?

Hint: it’s somewhere near Canal Park

Where in Duluth?

I’m guessing this will be an easy one. But seriously, this many of you can’t make that turn?! I must not suck enough at driving.

Where in Duluth?

On Wisconsin

Timing is everything

photo“I was hoping to get the “A” down before some smart-ass came by and took a picture.”

“Well, you win some and you lose some.”

“I suppose this will be all over the internet tonight.”

“Yep, www.perfectduluthday.com!”

Topic: “Bentleyville is a waste of energy”


Need Fun!

I don’t get it. Is the billboard telling me I need fun in Hulk/Caveman language? Does Roper’s need fun people to facilitate a positive atmosphere and therefore generate more customers? Does the billboard proclaim that people in general need to have fun in their lives? Is there really someone (like Mr. Norman Fell in Three’s Company) named Roper? Or does the place belong to all people who rope things, in which case the apostrophe is misplaced? This is what I’m asking you.

Act 4, Scene 2 (by Berv and Dr. Thunder)

(In a small warehouse with a storage loft above, events happening in a slow-motion dream-like state)

Matt: (voiceover, thinking aloud) “As I did every afternoon, I was checking-in the days’ shipment we received from the wholesaler. I heard a rustle directly above me. I looked up into the bright fluorescent rafter lights, and a squeaky female voice cried out: ‘Hi, Matt!’ It was too late. Already in mid-air was Bonnie, my 300-pound stalker. She was falling toward me: prone, arms and legs outstretched, naked, and peeing. Splash. Darkness.”

Fla 2010

untitled 2010-1

From the collected works of Dr. Thunder


Act 3: Scene 5
(on the homestead)

Paw:  Son, go gets me one of them there keepin’ fixtures from out yonder.
Son:  Out yonder? I done thought ya telled me to puts the keepin’ fixtures ’round back, Paw!

Vegetable Hygiene

Problems with burning, itching, vegetables?

t_463Vegesil stops Vegetable Itch.

Hey check that out!


Oh it says clocks.  Nevermind.