Act 4, Scene 2 (by Berv and Dr. Thunder)

(In a small warehouse with a storage loft above, events happening in a slow-motion dream-like state)

Matt: (voiceover, thinking aloud) “As I did every afternoon, I was checking-in the days’ shipment we received from the wholesaler. I heard a rustle directly above me. I looked up into the bright fluorescent rafter lights, and a squeaky female voice cried out: ‘Hi, Matt!’ It was too late. Already in mid-air was Bonnie, my 300-pound stalker. She was falling toward me: prone, arms and legs outstretched, naked, and peeing. Splash. Darkness.”



about 14 years ago

I reply: 2000 pound of love does equal or non-equal a mouthful...of pee or non-pee. It "depends" on (y)our perspective. 

In a sunset of moon-rise(s), she proclaimed us free of words and wordlessness.

And further, no one cares if the admin follows the curve or ISP or footprints!

We are free, -berv! -berv, we are free!

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