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Crooked Smiles reception tonite 6-9pm @ Mohaupt


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Ice Pack


Duluth 1865


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Paintings at an Exhibition


Well I guess that just about covers it


Glory Shine Janitorial Cleaning Company Van Hits Street Sweeper

There was no debris resulting from the accident.

Care package for Laurie Viets

Laurie Viets, native Superiorite and former DJ/Director for KUMD’s RPM show is confined to her hospital bed in Chicago for quite awhile. I’d like to organize a care package from the Northland for Laurie. She is pretty well stocked on magazines and books right now. I’m thinking crosswords, sodukus, hand held Yahtzee, those fun books with the invisible yellow magic markers, whatever.  Music is fun, anything to brighten her room, stuff for Canyon (baby name). Even just mail is entertaining!  Anything to break up the monotony would be appreciated.

If any of you have suggestions please let me know here or at, (igmossberger at hotmail dot com). I can setup a time and place for a drop-off. Laurie, if there’s anything you’d like, don’t be shy please let us know. God Bless.