From the collected works of Dr. Thunder


Act 3: Scene 5
(on the homestead)

Paw:  Son, go gets me one of them there keepin’ fixtures from out yonder.
Son:  Out yonder? I done thought ya telled me to puts the keepin’ fixtures ’round back, Paw!

Paw:  ‘Round back? Well now what in tarnation ya been done haulin’ out yonder?

Son:  I done hauled yer shootin’ fixtures out yonder.

Paw:  Well shee-oot, looks like ya done mixered up my shootin’ fixtures with my keepin’ fixtures! I reckon I’m a-gonna hafta thinks on this here ponderance…

(Paw pauses)

(then pauses some more)

(Son sees Paw pausing and pauses his own self — which gives pause to Paw)

Son, go gets me my shootin’ gun.

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