Hey check that out!


Oh it says clocks.  Nevermind.



about 15 years ago

I love clocks!


about 15 years ago

Did anyone ever see the van that used to be parked up on 4th Street all the time. It had something to do with Clock repair, but somebody had obviously removed the vinyl letter "L." I thought it would be fixed by the next time I saw it, but it never was. I think it will always say C ock Repair.

Paul Lundgren

about 15 years ago

I just saw the van yesterday. It says Clock Repair now.


about 15 years ago

*sigh*....I love Berv postings...


about 15 years ago

You people have filthy minds.  I thought it said "House of Glocks" and thought it was a picture of the barrel of a pistol.  Anyway, I like how the business is based in St. Paul but the truck has Wisconsin license plates.  My former employer used to do that too to cheese out (so to speak) on paying for tabs.


about 15 years ago

And insurance, presumably.

I chuckle every time I drive past the Clock Repair van on 4th Street. Most vandalized van ever.

Danny G.

about 15 years ago

Remember a couple of weeks ago and there was a posting on here about "Veg Week" and I made a dopey little joke where I mistakenly thought the "e" was an  "e"?

I love you Perfectoids.


about 15 years ago

That place is near where I grew up.  I think my parents had a grandfather clock repaired there once.

Barrett Chase

about 15 years ago

C(l)ock Repair

Here's a photo I took of the Clock Repair vandalism. I drive by this van every day and honestly this is the only time I ever saw it without the L. (The L is crudely painted on and really makeshift looking, however.)

I can't believe that I've never known of anyone removing the C from any of the Canal Park signs -- which the Ripsaw once called "the hardest-working C in Duluth." I have, however, seen a sign at Lester Park changed to read "MOLester Park."


about 15 years ago

The poor Clock Repair guy has been fighting that battle for years. I used to live right by there and would walk by it all the time. He usually just replaces the L with a strip of white tape. It seriously would go missing at least once a week. He's probably run out of tape.


about 15 years ago

"The hardest-working C in Duluth" -- that was a Jeff Cork-ism. Rarely was I as proud* of him as when he wrote that. 

* Mostly I was proud because I just know he thought that joke up weeks beforehand, but chose to unleash it at the most opportune time instead of squandering it while playing Madden 2003.

Barrett Chase

about 15 years ago

If I remember correctly, it was actually a Sawyer award, or at least in that issue alongside Best Asian Food and Best Local Television Personality and whatnot.


about 15 years ago

danny, i thought your vag joke was funny. keep up the good work.

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