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Is the Last Place on Earth ruining Duluth?

[This post originally featured a video from the Northland’s NewsCenter that is no longer available.]

Last Place on Earth raided

JimCarlsonAt 1:02 p.m. today Duluth Police executed a search warrant at the Last Place On Earth, a head shop at 120 E. Superior St.

According to police, the search warrant is part of an ongoing investigation into the sale of “illegal synthetic marijuana,” and Last Place will remain closed until investigators have cleared the scene.

No arrests have been made, so whether illegal products were being sold along with legal ones is yet to be determined.

Designer drugs were the subject of cover stories in the Duluth News Tribune and Star Tribune on Sunday.

DNT: Synthetic drugs bring new rush hour to downtown Duluth
Strib: Bath salts hit U.S. ‘like a freight train’

Last Place of Commerce

I miss the days when the Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce headquarters was next to the Last Place on Earth. That was synergy at its finest.

The photo above is from roughly 1993 1996. Last Place hadn’t quite finished moving in. I think the two were neighbors for at least 10 years before the chamber hightailed it to First Street.

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