November 2012 Posts

(For lack of a better catchy title)

Venders wanted

Bigfoot Productions is looking for vendors to participate in its upcoming “Winter Shakedown” on Saturday, Feb. 2, at Clyde Iron Works in Duluth. This will be an all day music festival with some of the best local and regional acts. We are looking for folks who make original arts and crafts with their hands and are looking for exposure and to sell their crafts.

If you are interested in selling your crafty wonderful creations, don’t hesitate and contact us on Facebook or e-mail us at bigfootmusicalexperience @

Posted: No Wolf Hunting

Wolf Hunting Prohibited on Fond du Lac Reservation

Passing along this photo from Ivy Vainio; click the image to see it in context.

Fond du Lac Band passed an ordinance banning the wolf hunt a few days ago.

Dan Kraker provided some fairly decent balanced coverage that explains some of the legal and cultural implications of the wolf hunt in this MPR News story.

Job Opening For One Exceptional Individual.

Now hiring for an exciting new position in an organization on the move.

Prospective hires must be/have:
– Organized and reasonably responsible
– Accounting experience
– Knowledge of Quickbooks or comprable software
– Business savvy
– Imaginative/creative
– Self-motivated

Full job description available upon request. Position starts at 20 hours/week. Salary is negotiable (may include profit-sharing). Applicants may send resume & cover letter to: [email protected]

Bill Clinton in Duluth at UMD

Video by WDIO-TV.

The Big Year Christmas Eve in Duluth


So, I’m fairly sure that no one has mentioned on PDD before that the 2011 movie The Big Year, which screened locally at Zinema 2, has a brief reference to Duluth. (Laura Erickson did mention it on her birding blog, though.)

The shot above is followed by a restaurant scene that is supposed to be in Duluth but is obviously not.

Perfect Duluth Beard

Duluth breeds good beards. As Novembeard commences, here is some local inspiration for your month-long beard growing festival.


The rules of Novembeard are simple.

  1. Shave on November 1.
  2. Don’t shave November 2-30.

Add your own Duluth facial hair icons and chart your beard progress in the comments.