Perfect Duluth Beard

Duluth breeds good beards. As Novembeard commences, here is some local inspiration for your month-long beard growing festival.


The rules of Novembeard are simple.

  1. Shave on November 1.
  2. Don’t shave November 2-30.

Add your own Duluth facial hair icons and chart your beard progress in the comments.


Paul Lundgren

about 12 years ago

It works nicely that the previous post features Louis Jenkins.


about 12 years ago

Men don't appear to be followers in fashion when sporting a beard. I appreciate the individuality of beards.

Paul Lundgren

about 12 years ago

By the way, we should make sure to mention Duluth's grand champion of the beard, Mr. Frank Nichols.


(Photo at left by Kim Curtis-Monson; photo at right by Barrett Chase)


about 12 years ago

My beard really, really pales in comparison to the ones on the other fellas in these pictures. I have work to do.

Lawrence Lee

about 12 years ago

I particularly like how if you add pic 4 (Dave Orman) and pic 5 (Scott Hebert) you get a full beard.


about 12 years ago

This song seems appropriate to share in the spirit of Novembeard.

about 12 years ago

That was a pretty righteous beard ... Isle Royale trip from 2008. Yeah.

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