Thankful in Duluth — 2010 Edition

thanksgivingchuckI’ll lead this year’s PDD Thanksgiving prayer by declaring I’m thankful my Internet is finally back up and running, just in time for giving thanks (and after $100 and hours of anguish.)

I’m also thankful for the batch of glogg I need to start making right this minute!

… and friends and family and yada yada.

What are you thankful for?

(Here’s what PDDers were thankful for in 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004 and 2003.)


Paul Lundgren

about 14 years ago

I'm also thankful that I-35 is two lanes in both directions again and has all its exits open.


about 14 years ago

I'm grateful the best Japanese restaurant in Minnesota is right here, in Duluth.


about 14 years ago

Traction Assist, whatever that means, though my car tells me I have it.

Danny G

about 14 years ago

-My 21.9 pound turkey currently thawing in the sink.
-Axl Rose
-The 1990 WWF Survivor Series
-EPCOT Center
-My TCB necklace purchased at Graceland this past summer
-The PDD Troll Zone thread


about 14 years ago

My new girlfriend, Mrs. Bowen.

Paul Lundgren

about 14 years ago

Don't get me started on Mrs. Bowen, C-Freak! Here's my Upset Duluth photo on the subject.

I'm thankful for Connolly's Tom & Jerry batter. That awful Mrs. Bowen's garbage they're serving at Carmody should be dumped into Lake Superior tea-party style. (You know, old-school tea party style. C-Freak and I considered doing that last night but feared being associated with Michelle Bachmann.)


about 14 years ago

: my toddler, who is funny intentionally and unintentionally
: my husband, who is also funny intentionally and unintentionally
: that said toddler, said husband and I have a warm, safe place to sleep and a big dinner to eat tomorrow
: the fresh snow, which is the most beautiful thing Mother Nature gives us during the year
: the Brett & Brad saga, which gives us Packer fans no end of joy.

Happy Thanksgiving, PDDers, and many happy returns.


about 14 years ago

- A shop vac that does a pretty good job of sucking water

- good cholesterol and blood pressure levels

- Chester Bowl

- Paul Lundgren


about 14 years ago

...the completion of my tenure file -- ten days until I learn the results. beautiful wife. family, most of, kind of.
...not having to work Friday.
...11,000 comic books to read, more or less.
...good friends. inexpensive bottle of port from Woodland Liquors.
...Beijing Cafe for when Kate is hungry.


about 14 years ago

-Being in beautiful weather for the holiday, Lackland, AFB

-Good health for my family

-Not in debt (at the moment)


about 14 years ago

-My patient, strong and understanding wife
-My 6 week old daughter
-Brunch at Pizza Luce
-The Anchor Bar
-Emmer's impending defeat


about 14 years ago

A roof over my head, enough food to eat, friends to enjoy it with, and snow!


about 14 years ago

I'm not staying at chum. We have new leaders in Congress, though who are probably looking to change that.


about 14 years ago

-thankful for my wonderful children, who alternately amaze, inspire, and terrify me

-thankful for my partner, who puts up with me and my foibles

-thankful for my job, which allows me to occasionally win for the little guy

-thankful for my friends, who keep me sane

-thankful for the folks here at PDD, who, for the most part (with a few notable exceptions), remind me that there is hope in Duluth


about 14 years ago

Same as '08:


Like my honey.
My friends.
My hound.
My roof.
My bed.
My fam.
My car.
My health.
Clean water.
Clean sheets.
Clean air.


Plus: My job, the snow, the lake, the trees.


about 14 years ago

I had to go to court the other day, and a deputy asked me if I was there for an order for protection. 

I'm thankful I wasn't there for an order for protection.


about 14 years ago

the skyline shuttle, which will bring me to duluth tomorrow!


about 14 years ago

Kristi Noem. She's both Smart and Hot.


about 14 years ago

I'm really really thankful that of all the kids I encounter day in and day out, I live with these ones I live with. Not having birthed 'em makes it even better.


about 14 years ago

Family, Health and Good providence but also..

Thankful for:
When simplicity becomes the only option
When cunning pays off
When all the pieces click together
When community arises
When the morning comes
When my old friends come together
When I am surprised and impressed by others
When challenges bring growth


about 14 years ago

Thankful to The Creator for eternal love, acceptance and forgiveness ... oh, and provision.

My family for same or close enough anyway.  And my family that's not my family, or my community of close friends and loved ones, that is.

Really enjoying this whole employment, regular paycheck thing, but also grateful for being someplace I really feel like I make a difference.  

Also thankful for HBH, Baci, Tamara, and even Danny G and all of the PDDers out there.  Yep, thanks again for PDD.  Love this little online hitchin' post.


about 14 years ago

The big fantastic lake. The reason for Duluth being here. Without that lake view what would we look at?

Kevin Jacobsen

about 14 years ago

I'm thankful for my parents, good friends & co-workers, my job, the city I live in and having today off!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! :)

The Big E

about 14 years ago

I'm thankful for a surprisingly good 2010, which is another way of saying "mostly for my beautiful and talented wife."


about 14 years ago

- that both kids are in bed (and actually sleeping)
- my glass is full of Harvest ale
- and my plate is loaded with pan pizza!


about 14 years ago

The Duluth Community!


about 14 years ago

-for the family, first and foremost.
-for the house.
-for the friends, as few as they may be.
-for the job which allows me to remain in the aforementioned house.
-for the customers who purchase libations from said job which allows me to remain in the aforementioned house.
-for the bosses.
-knees that held out for another year. i'll thank them again in advance for next year's trekking.
-the three backpack trips i took this year (two in spring, one in fall) completing the lower section of the SHT (i.e., south of crosby-manitou). I've now logged in over 250 miles up on the north shore.
-for the music that keeps the voices in my head entertained.
-for the near miss shot at organizing yet another music festival. GLUE @ the NorShor next year, perhaps?


about 14 years ago

-for losing cell coverage within minutes of the city limits... sort of


about 14 years ago

I am thankful that Vicarious got married to a lawyer so he can afford pants and any resulting lawsuits from the lack of said pants.


about 14 years ago

I'm thankful for the Duluth Family Sauna. Isn't there a health code violation going on there?  It's really disturbing.

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