Wild Grinch Chase

I’m looking to borrow a Grinch costume for my junior high choir concert in December. A fellow teacher told me that she saw two different marching bands with a costumed Grinch at the Christmas City of the North Parade on Friday. Of course, I wasn’t there, but does anyone remember which two marching bands might have had a green, Grouchy Santa monster marching with them? I hear one of the bands was in blue uniforms with an S on their chests.

If no one went to the parade, does anyone know of a wacky uncle or a costume shop that might have this particular costume? The concert is coming up fast!


Paul Lundgren

about 9 years ago

The blue-uniformed band with the letter S was the Spartans of Superior Senior High School.

The Santa Grinch marched in between the cheerleaders and the band. You can see it at the 2-minute mark of this clip.



about 9 years ago

You could try going to the curio shop on east first street a couple of doors down from the Clayton Jackson McGhie memorial.  Ask for Doug.  He was/is Duluth's costume guru.


about 9 years ago

Jim Kolar of UMD Stores dresses up as the Grinch one day each year. Perhaps ask him?

Shane Bauer

about 9 years ago

You could try Madill Performing Arts Center - their dance studio had a parade Grinch in the past.

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