Where should I get my Christmas tree?

Does anyone know of a good place where you can chop down your own tree?



about 12 years ago

We just got a beautiful Colorado blue spruce at Hilltop Tree Farm in Brookston. It's about 20 minutes from Duluth on Highway 2 going toward Floodwood. They also have sleds, saws, and hot chocolate. If you have a larger group, they can pull you around on a hay wagon. Very friendly family. We will definitely return!

Paul Lundgren

about 12 years ago

A few options that came up in a post on PDD last year:

Abrahamson's Christmas Trees (Duluth)
Chub Lake Tree Farm (Carlton)
Pine Knob Tree Farm (Hermantown)
Saginaw Trees and Wreaths (Saginaw)

Also, apparently the Forest Service allows Christmas-tree cutting in the Superior National Forest for a minimal fee. 

But, again, the above is just notes from a post from last year, so some of the info might be dated. Follow the link for more details and opinions related to the potentially dated information.

Duluth Christmas Tree Farms (2011)

For those looking for trees without the need to personally do the cutting, there is this post:

Duluth Christmas Tree Sellers (2010)


about 12 years ago

This Saturday only. Prefer you cut balsam (part of their forest management plan):


Emily Haavik

about 12 years ago

There is a million-foot tree in my yard that you can have. But if you cut it down and it falls on my house, I will sue you.


about 12 years ago

As Paul stated, the Superior National Forest allows you to cut your own tree for $5.

There are some rules though, you cannot leave more than a 12" stump so no cutting the tops off trees. 

This is an outdated link, but whatever:


about 12 years ago

Thanks spy. 

B-man? WTH is this link to Walmart? I vote we censor that post on the grounds that the trees were probably chopped down by some 7 year-old in China.

I kid. 

On a related note, I purchased some wild caught Alaskan Salmon only to find out that while it was caught in Alaska, it was packaged in China. 

*in a Garth Algar voice* EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW


about 12 years ago

Same with the tuna at more than $5 a tin: Vietnam.


about 12 years ago

Just trollin. Merry Christmas.


about 12 years ago

Hi! My husband and I own Abrahamson's Tree farm! We are located at 5933 Howard Gnesen Rd. in Duluth, just past the Lismore Rd. You can come and cut your own off the farm- we provide saws and hot cocoa.  If you have any questions call 218-391-8963. Hope to see you!

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