Duluth: Where it’s Christmas every day for a month

1970 promotional ad for Duluth.



about 6 months ago

Why does it say “Christmas City of the North 10th Anniversary” if the parade started in 1958, and this as is from 1970?

Paul Lundgren

about 6 months ago

Because KBJR screwed up the count years ago and never corrected it. The parade didn't start in 1958.

1970 - 10th annual 
1969 - 9th annual 
1968 - 8th annual 
1967 - 7th annual 
1966 - 6th annual 
1965 - 5th annual 
1964 - 4th annual 
1963 - No parade held
1962 - 3rd annual
1961 - 2nd annual
1960 - Inaugural


about 6 months ago

Hey, that's a good piece of trivia there, Paul!

Some of the events on this that shouldn't be overlooked:
1) Vikings-Green Bay on TV , nothing like a border battle...in a border city!, (followed two weeks later by Vikings-Chicago, ALSO on TV)
2) The UMD Faculty Art Exhibition on 20 of the days
3) The sheer number of overall events at UMD and UWS that constitute big items for visitors (it doesn't feel like this is the case anymore)
4) The three-day college hockey tournament over Thanksgiving (would much rather watch that than football after turkey)


about 6 months ago

Now I want to know what was in the "special visitor's kit" that would make my visit a "Smasheroo"!!

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