What’s the story on this place?

Ads for this place have been on Craigslist for a good deal of time:

$320/6000ft² – Wanted: College or college professional roommate (UMD * Congdon * St. Scholastica area)

Not that I have any interest in renting it, but it’s so … different … that I can’t help but wonder. An inspection via Google maps leads to some interesting scenery, and driving by it makes one even more curious.

Anyone know anything about it?



about 11 years ago

Google the person's name who is listed as the owner.  Enough said.


about 11 years ago

That is the Patrick Murphy house. Probably started building 25-30 years ago. Never completed. Put tower up around 15-20 years ago.

He is not the PJM in prison. He and his mom used to own a few saloons in town. I think he had grandiose ideas and ran out of dough.


about 11 years ago

Right, it only said this in that story BadCat!: 

Murphy, 59, is now confined to Stillwater prison until 2034 for multiple parole violations and convictions on several charges of terroristic threats, many of which were against female prosecutors and judges in the Ramsey County justice system.


about 11 years ago

So, we conclude that BadCat! knows nothing of the house or Craigslist ad.


about 11 years ago

I didn't completly think it was the same guy, but based on the comments of the first poster, I wasn't sure.

And, um, I guess you're right. I don't know anything beyond what was presented in the post. Busted ... or something.


about 11 years ago

As a victim of same-name identity confusion, I'm a tad sensitive to this kind of scenario. I've spent too much time having to prove I don't have a criminal record or owe someone thousands of dollars


about 11 years ago

According to the city, it was built (or at least started, I would assume) in 1968. 


about 11 years ago

I used to live nearby and the neighbors referred to this place as "The Rocket House" because of the "tower."


about 11 years ago

He's 68?  Old enough to know better than to leave that disaster of a building standing!

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