“Gleahan and the Knaves of Industry” premieres tonight

The Duluth-Superior Film Festival is upon us, and that means it’s time for another premiere from Duluth’s budding film community. Gleahan and the Knaves of Industry, by first-time writer/director Samuel T. Weston, makes its debut Thursday night at 9 p.m. at Teatro Zuccone. As with all of the DSFF screenings, tickets are free.

From the DSFF website:

Opportunistic jerk Mark is forced to join Gleahan of Eastvale, a delusional man who thinks he lives in a fantasy world. Together, they go on a quest to defeat the “Dark Lord” who apparently rules Duluth. But as Mark delves deeper into Gleahan’s fantasy, it becomes clear just how real — and insane — Gleahan’s plight truly is. Together, Mark and Gleahan dodge faceless goons and escape mustache-twirling business executives. They ransack a “dragon’s hoard” full of drugs and guns. They team up with a surprisingly knowledgeable bartender and face down a “dark princess” who wants to overthrow her father.

This off-the-rails low-budget adventure takes the premise of Don Quixote, shoves it into our modern world, and jam-packs it full of tropey goodness.

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