Craigslist Posts

What’s the story on this place?

Ads for this place have been on Craigslist for a good deal of time:

$320/6000ft² – Wanted: College or college professional roommate (UMD * Congdon * St. Scholastica area)

Not that I have any interest in renting it, but it’s so … different … that I can’t help but wonder. An inspection via Google maps leads to some interesting scenery, and driving by it makes one even more curious.

Anyone know anything about it?

Craigslist … is it stupider here?

Craigslist is probably a bad place to gauge the local intelligence of any given place, but after about two minutes of Duluth CL, the profound examples of improper grammar and spelling become overwhelming, like a Shitnami blowing out the manhole covers, so I wondered if Craigslist is any indicator of local smarts, or is just stupid, plain everywhere? Indeed, good grammar is only one form of intelligence, and may not even save you in a knife fight. Certainly the best example was not “looking for painter’s,” but this 1987 Harley was fun. Is there already a thread for creative Craigslist ads? And if not, why not?

Cloquet — it doesn’t stink any more

I do hope these people sell their house soon. But if they don’t, I hope they keep posting entertaining ads on Craigslist. I think this one is their second installment.

$189,900 Consider Cloquet
It doesn’t stink any more (best home for sale in the Duluth area)

If they can’t sell their house with ads like this, there’s just no justice in the world.

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