A decent auto mechanic in Duluth?

The other night my p.o.s. car took a poop. It seems to be something electrical. After a few attempted jumps nothing will power on, of course this happened on the first cold morning we’ve had all damn month.

I’m going to have to have it towed. Who should I take to? I live in the Hillside, but I’m a little leery of Hemlock because of a past experience, and my boyfriend recently had sub-par service from Murphy’s.

Open to any suggestions!



about 9 years ago

We bring our cars up to Lucky's on Hwy 53 - ask for Casey. He's a straightshooter (we think) and knows how to save a dime.


about 9 years ago

There's a lot of good suggestions in this post. 

Personally, I am a big fan of Bills' Muffler and Brake.  They've always been more than helpful, fair, and friendly.  And they've never taken advantage of me even when they had ample opportunity.  (An ominous 'thunk-thunk-thunk' while driving turned into a free lugnut tightening, instead of the several hundred dollar repair I was expecting.)  To be fair, though, the most electrical work I've ever had done by them was the replacement of a dead battery.


about 9 years ago

If it's is electrical look no further than NA Auto Electric.  It's in the alley directly behind the Norshor.  I had vehicle electrical issues that 3 other garage's in town could not repair; NA had it repaired in 20 minutes.

[email protected]

about 9 years ago

4th Street Auto has treated me better than my by-blood family.


about 9 years ago

Auto Medics on 6th Ave E and 5th St.  Straight up good folks. Reliable and honest.  They have even saved me money by doing the correct fix, instead of what I "thought" the problem was.


about 9 years ago

Auto Medics! Mike Archer has the best repair shop in the region, and it is located right in the heart of the Central Hillside. He is the most honest business person I know. Go there!!!!


about 9 years ago

Foreign Affairs on 9th or K&J Auto in Woodland.

The Big E

about 9 years ago

Your mileage may vary, but Foreign Affairs took us to the cleaners and never did figure out the source of the problem when we took our car there with a mysterious issue.  Admittedly this was a decade ago and involved a 1993 VW, so maybe that was our fault.  

I can't say enough good things about Jimmy's Nuts and Bolts though.


about 9 years ago

+1 for 4th St. As honest as it gets.


about 9 years ago

Tim Halverson (works out of his garage, lives on Skyline west of Mesaba, east of 8th Ave. W,  in the phone book). Have brought him vehicles for years of various makes and models. Good work, reasonable prices, honest.

Marcus at Thompson Amoco (27th Ave W). Can't vouch for the other folks there, but I know this guy and he does good work.


about 9 years ago

All Star Auto is exemplary....incredibly honest and very friendly.  Great waiting room with free wifi if you need to wait as well.

Nick L

about 9 years ago

Another vote for Auto Medics.  They've been keeping my Mazda on the road for 191,000 miles now.


about 9 years ago

I honestly had a very bad experience with All Star. We used to use them exclusively because a friend used to work there so we kept going there after he left out of habit. They told us the car would be done within a week (so I could get to my new job, we were moving to a different city)...it took two and they made me late for my new job. They estimated it wouldn't be more than 750, it was 880. After that, we'd never go back.

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