Guitar Painter in Duluth?

Over the past two months I’ve been collecting parts for a Telecaster I’m building. I finally had acquired everything and made sure all the parts were compatible with each other. Now I’m ready to paint my body and realized it is a bit chilly to be painting (and I don’t have a heated garage or patio). So my question … does anyone know of someone who could paint my blank guitar body locally? I’m incredibly anxious to play this guitar and don’t want to wait until March when the weather would be much more cooperating.



about 12 years ago

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about 12 years ago

You could try one of the auto-repair businesses here in the area, they're set up for nice, even finishes. Did it on an old Fender bass my brother helped restore. Not sure if Greg Nelson is still doing luthery work or not but auto-body is one way to go.


about 12 years ago

Could ask the folks at Rosewood

(218) 720-6086


about 12 years ago

Zacaro:  There is a guitar maker is Ashland, WI.  He does fablious work.  Have seen some of his stuff.  He has a store front on Main Street that is a music store but his real work is done in the back room. He'll be able to help you I bet.


about 12 years ago

Thank you, thank you! I definitely have some calls to make in the next few days.


about 12 years ago

I second the auto shop.  Best one you can find.


about 12 years ago

You can do it yourself building up fast, thin layers of spray paint then lacquer and spending a bunch of time sanding and buffing. You'd have to be careful with fumes though, maybe using a room you don't go in too often and cracking open a window and closing the door when you're done. 

Failing that, go to the best guy in town: 

Nielsen Custom Guitars

I doubt he'd be even close to an autoshop in price but the guy is a true craftsman.


about 12 years ago


The Music Center
415 Main St W
Ashland, WI 54806

He's an artist with a guitar and a cool guy.


about 12 years ago

Rosewood. Top of the Seitz. The kid's very nice.

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