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Is it Crazy Cessna Day?

Does anyone know what’s up with the two small yellow planes that have been flying over Duluth all morning? They are flying awful close to buildings, making a lot of noise, and don’t appear to be doing anything productive. Just wondering if you all know something I don’t.

I’m aware of trafficking, now what?

January is considered “Trafficking Awareness Month” or so the many e-mails and invites to special events are telling me. As a social worker and previously as a domestic violence/sexual assault advocate I have been inundated with trafficking discussions, forums, conferences, and trainings. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great. However I feel as though now I am fully “aware” of trafficking and that the social-work community as a whole is very “aware” of trafficking in the Duluth area. My question is what do I now do with this awareness to help survivors of the industry and to prevent such things from happening to new victims? What is currently being done by local sexual assault groups such as PAVSA to combat trafficking and how can a social worker, or anyone for that matter, jump in and help?

Please don’t infer that I am in any way downing the efforts to inform people about trafficking — the more who know the better. But I do feel like there is a lack of discussion about action steps, and as a person whose clients and own family members have been affected by this issue I’d like to know less how to make people aware and more about how to do something about it.

Sadness About Wisconsin Point

I was wondering if anyone had any information on the following:

My uncle, Bob Miller, has been an advocate for protection of the Indian burial ground located at the end of Wisconsin Point and has been working on this project for over ten years. My ancestors are buried out there and the foundation from my great grandmother’s childhood home still remains. We are descendants of Chief Osagie who owned the land before selling it to Wisconsin (he’s my greatx5 grandfather). Many of us go out there to perform ceremony and the land is held sacred by all local Anishinaabe people.

Good used-car dealerships for unfortunate souls with bad credit?

My husband and I currently own a beat-up 2002 Aztek.  The car is a piece: bad wiring, broken speedometer, and endless dinging from a malfunctioning brake monitor. It wasn’t a problem when my job provided a fleet of cars to me for my travels as a social worker, I just drove the hunk of junk to work and used their car to transport clients. At my new job I’m required to use my own car for this while driving about 30 miles one way to work every day. I really need to get a new car before this one dies on me completely and leaves me high and dry.

I was wondering where one might find a reliable used car dealership in town. Our credit isn’t the greatest from old hospital bills and the like, but we make good payments and have improved our budgeting skills since getting out of college and realizing hey … bills don’t disappear if you ignore them like an idiot.

If the kind people of PDD have any ideas I’d be extremely grateful!


Is Duluth gay friendly?

I was reading an article in Rolling Stone the other day about the Anoka-Hennepin School Districts and their neutrality policy on GLBTQ students and how this particular reporter feels it has affected students and possibly driven some to have mental health issues and suicidal ideation with some even taking their lives.

Rolling Stone: “One town’s war on gay teens

I’m not trying to debate the validity of this article or the policy of the school district, I just remember while reading it I was pretty shocked to hear so many anti-gay sentiments in Minnesota. I kept thinking to myself: “Really? But Duluth seems so gay-friendly.”

That’s why I wanted to ask PDD: do you think Duluth is gay friendly? I am an out bisexual woman, but a bisexual who never dated a woman during my time in Duluth. I’ve participated in Pride, patronized all the local gay bars (though admittedly they’re in Superior) and have noticed a lot of gay-friendly signage around Duluth’s establishments. Though I never really had an opportunity to suffer any personal discrimination as I’ve since married a man, I still never noticed an air of it in the community.

Now I’m not talking stories about one singular asshole who was heterosexist and said something awful at a bar one night. I’m talking about the general culture of Duluth. What say ye?

Good non-alchoholic drinks in Duluth

I would never consider myself a huge drinker but since I started trying to get pregnant earlier this year (and I am currently almost 11 weeks) I have missed the ability to experiment with different tastes and drinks. I’ve realized that I’m really unaware of the great non-alcoholic specialty drinks that may be floating out there in Duluth.

I’m also trying to stay away from too much caffeine, so I’ve been mainly sticking to McDonald’s lemonade or caffeine-free frappucinos from Starbucks when a sweet tooth strikes. There’s got to be something local out there to try, no? I was hoping the lovely folks at PDD had some ideas.

I’m already in love with the malts from the Portland Malt Shoppe, especially because it’s in walking distance from my apartment. Where should I try next?

Duluth Christmas Tree Sellers

I was wondering where in the heck a person buys a Christmas tree in Duluth these days? It’s not exactly something you can look up online as far as I know … PDD’s help is greatly appreciated!

Unique outdoor wedding ceremony venues?

I know earlier someone was asking about small wedding reception venues but I have my reception pretty much nailed down for my wedding on June 25, 2011.

My fiancee’ and I want to do an outdoor ceremony. We don’t want to do it at the Rose Garden because its so common and the car/foot traffic doesn’t appeal to us. We’d prefer someplace with a view of the lake but a general view is great! I’d really appreciate the suggestions of the fine PPD people!

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