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Outdoor Duluth/North Shore Wedding

My fiancé and I are getting married Aug. 11, 2018. We already have our reception venue booked for our Duluth wedding, but we need help finding a unique, outdoor space for our ceremony. I have seen the post from 7 years ago about different spaces like the parks Duluth has to offer, but we are looking for more of a wooded location and we don’t want a lot of traffic going in and out. We are willing to go within 30 miles of Duluth to find it. Any ideas would be great!!

Suggestions for a cheap wedding photographer in Duluth

My fiancé and I are getting married in 2018 and we have done some searching and the prices for professional photographers are ridiculous. We are looking for a photographer for our wedding and we don’t want to spend more than $1,000. Perhaps someone who does it part time and has some wedding photography experience. Any suggestions?

Cheap Wedding Venue in Duluth

So, I’m getting married on Nov. 11. My plan was just to elope at the courthouse until I realized that Nov. 11 is Veterans Day. I decided to get the license and an officiant, but now I’m realizing that even though it’s just a handful of us its gonna be too cold to go outside somewhere semi-scenic. But with it being only 43 days away, I’m on a very limited budget. According to Farmers Almanac last year was about 35 degrees and 2014 was 18 degrees so I don’t really wanna chance it outside. Does anyone know somewhere semi-romantic and cheap, possibly with a view, for a very limited amount of people?

Seeking makeup artist for wedding in Duluth

I am on the hunt for an experienced makeup artist who has an opening for July 12 in the Duluth area. This person might have to travel to Two Harbors to do my makeup depending on how the day runs. I currently own my own business and am a Motives makeup consultant, however, I would like to be pampered and not have to worry about doing my own makeup that day. I need someone who is flexible and is willing to work with my own line of Motives products. If you know of anyone please send them my way!

Beach House Wedding Rental Advice

I’m looking for some help. My partner and I are looking to get married in the summer of 2015, at the beach on Park Point. We are trying to find out if anyone on PDD has gotten married in a rental house along the beach or have any suggestions you could share. I’m not even sure if it would be allowed. We really want to go the rental house route because it is more intimate and can be cheaper than a resort and less limiting on the hours we can be there (i.e. 9pm cutoff for the Park Point Beach House). Thanks in advance for any suggestions you have!!

Duluth Wedding Reception Location

My fiancé and I are searching for an affordable, yet nice, place to have our wedding reception on June 8 in Duluth. We are only having a small guest list of about 35 people.

Wedding and reception at Park Point Beach House?

I recently got engaged and I want to have the ceremony and reception at the Park Point Beach House next August. I cannot find on the internet any way to do this. Please help!

Duluth Wedding Venues

I want to get married outside in Duluth with a nice view but I don’t want to spend a lot of money. What are some good places? And then I can’t decide if I’d want my wedding reception indoors or outdoors or at the same location as the ceremony. I need some ideas. I want it to be nice, but not too spendy.

Duluth-area Wedding Dress Tailor

I have a friend who lives out of town but is getting married in the area. She mentioned needing to get her dress tailored before the ceremony. I’m looking for someone who is reliable, fast turn around and decent rates. Any recommendations?

Lake Superior Agate Rings

I am getting married pretty soon and have been looking for a wedding band with a Lake Superior agate set in it. I have looked around town and on the internet but can’t find anything that isn’t too gaudy or girly. (By the way I am a guy looking for a guy ring.) If you know of any shops in the Duluth area that sell agate rings, it would be great to get a comment.

Duluth wedding reception ideas

I’m getting married next summer and we are looking for a venue for our reception. I’m hoping to be able to either choose a caterer or do our own food and hold 250-300 people. I saw the post from last year and looked into several of those suggestions but I thought I’d see if anyone had any new ideas.

Duluth Wedding Officiants

Nikki and I are finally shaking off the procrastination and getting down to planning our wedding (late)  and looking for an officiant!  If anyone knows, or has any recommendations for an officiant, we’d love to hear them!  The ceremony is being held in Leif Erikson Park this September and we’re looking for someone who’s either non-denominational or generally open-minded Christian.  We’ve emailed a few people from the various directory websites but would be much more comfortable with first-hand experience or recommendations.

Unique outdoor wedding ceremony venues?

I know earlier someone was asking about small wedding reception venues but I have my reception pretty much nailed down for my wedding on June 25, 2011.

My fiancee’ and I want to do an outdoor ceremony. We don’t want to do it at the Rose Garden because its so common and the car/foot traffic doesn’t appeal to us. We’d prefer someplace with a view of the lake but a general view is great! I’d really appreciate the suggestions of the fine PPD people!

Site for small reception in Duluth?

I’m in search of a unique venue for a smaller wedding reception of around 80 people in Duluth. Something other than a typical hotel banquet room or similar is preferred. Perhaps a restaurant? Your ideas and info are appreciated!

Duluth area wedding and reception

My sister is getting married Feb. 26. We are having trouble locating a venue that can accommodate approximately 300 people, let us cater our own reception and allow music and alcohol. Does anyone have any suggestions for possible venues?

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