Duluth Wedding Reception Location

My fiancé and I are searching for an affordable, yet nice, place to have our wedding reception on June 8 in Duluth. We are only having a small guest list of about 35 people.



about 12 years ago

Lafayette community building on Park Point. It's perfect.


about 12 years ago

The Moorish room at Greysolon Plaza is a great location for a smaller wedding.


about 12 years ago

1) LaFayette is probably perfect.  The Moorish room languishes in the shadow of it's larger, brighter, more acoustically perfect, more image-conscious sibling upstairs in the ballroom.  It is a fantastic reception location with the added (free) benefit of being closer to the exits and providing endless opportunities at the fountain in the atrium/vestibule type-space directly adjacent.  However, I think the Moorish room is still too big, probably too expensive and most-likely already booked anyway.

2) I would like to open up the suggestion of a "weddings" category on PDD.  

3) I further suggest the possibility of a PDD Wedding guide available online or maybe in print or something.  The advice in all of those threads above is good.  I'm an over-the-hill wedding professional but I do have the beefit of a great deal of experience.  Surely one or two other PDDers could be called on to  help edit such a guide.  

4) If we do a wedding guide there should be a wedding show.  And I'll sign up as a vendor right now, even though I'm effectively retired from DJing full-time and few of these skinny pantsed PDD hipsters would even want me.  I'd just like to be there with the people who would want to be at a PDD wedding show.   There still might be time to pull it off over Thanksgiving weekend ... 

5) Back to the OP.  Whatever you do, I'd book your space for a June wedding in October or November.  Thanksgiving weekend all of the kiddos come home to meet mom and dad and announce the engagement with the extended family all in one place.  They go out shopping on Friday and then spend Saturday beginning their (now out in the open) wedding planning.  I've got the web traffic data to back this up, too.  Or I did, anyway.  By New Year's Eve, if not Christmas, the boutique-type professionals are pretty well booked up for the next year's inventory from June to October.  


about 12 years ago

Thanks, everyone!  I will be sure to check out some of these suggestions.  I appreciate the feedback and info.!!

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