Pamalama Posts

A decent auto mechanic in Duluth?

The other night my p.o.s. car took a poop. It seems to be something electrical. After a few attempted jumps nothing will power on, of course this happened on the first cold morning we’ve had all damn month.

I’m going to have to have it towed. Who should I take to? I live in the Hillside, but I’m a little leery of Hemlock because of a past experience, and my boyfriend recently had sub-par service from Murphy’s.

Open to any suggestions!

Transworld Snowboarding video contest – Vote for your local shop!

Damage Boardshop over on 1904 W. Superior St. submitted a quick shop edit to Transworld Snowboarding‘s website for its Neff: East vs. West shop video contest.  For all of you metal fans they used a song by Class of ’86 and edited without all the foreplay, getting straight to the point and making it last a little over 2 minutes (which is totally normal for most of those guys.)

Everyone can vote one time (tracked by I.P.) so if you really like it and you’re at work go make your rounds on all the desktops!  If you don’t like it STFU and make your own last-minute edit.

Place your vote at snowboarding.transworld.net.

I also heard a rumor if you vote and run into the owner at any local establishment that serves alcohol (e.g. Carmody, Lucé, Black Woods) he’ll buy you a shot of Patron.

Impressed with Lake Ave Café

In light of the awesome weather we had last night my better half and I decided to go for an evening bike ride.  We ended up down on that first beach on Park Point and sat there for awhile.  When it got pretty dark we headed back and decided to stop at Lake Ave Café.