Impressed with Lake Ave Café

In light of the awesome weather we had last night my better half and I decided to go for an evening bike ride.  We ended up down on that first beach on Park Point and sat there for awhile.  When it got pretty dark we headed back and decided to stop at Lake Ave Café.  

We were just wanting to grab a couple drinks and apps; luckily it was just hitting 9 p.m. which meant we could look at their “Late Night” menu, we decided to be a little adventurous and went with the Chorizo Stuffed Dates, wrapped in bacon and served with a smoked aioli on the side, and then an Octopus Pizza (smoked octopus, prosciutto, red onions and 3 cheeses.)  Both were absolutely amazing, the dates had amazing flavor with the bacon and chorizo with a great texture when you bit into the date part.  The pizza had a good smokey flavor and awesome blend of cheeses.

For drinks we each got a martini, I went with the Yazi (ginger vodka, pomegranate liqueur, and guava puree) and he tried the intriguing Twin Ports Pepper (pepper infused vodka, pineapple juice and cucumber liqueur.)  They were both fabulous with the first one not being overwhelmingly sweet, and the second being something that was a neat twist in Blackwater‘s Cucumber Press cocktail (one of my favorite drinks to get in town.)  It was actually quite spicy though if you like something with a kick, but balanced out really nicely with the cucumber and pineapple incorporated into the after-taste.

We were served by one of the owner’s and were extremely pleased with the service, knowledge of menu and presentation of the food. The quality of the food was well above what we are used to getting and was extremely reasonable.  The drinks were a bit pricy at $9 and $7, but we took into the consideration that they specialize in Micro-Distillery liquors usually crafted in the United States.

That all being said, we are planning to go back!  I am just wondering what else is good on the menu (if not everything) for the most part I have heard great things about what the new owner’s have done with the place, and the menu.  Just wondering if it is a good place to see music? I see they are hosting the Brother’s Burn Mountain tonight at 9:30 and I’m seriously considering going even if it is just for more of those mouthwatering dates!


No Good Bum

about 11 years ago

I hadn't been there in years, but recently found myself there a few times in the past month. Very impressed with the staff, food, and beverages. I can't remember the bartender's name, but he was very kind and knowledgeable of their offerings. Lake Ave is quickly becoming a favorite place to go. Oh, and I did have the dates appetizer and, yes, it is amazing.

Danny G

about 11 years ago

I kind of like this trend of recent "Impressed with..." posts here on the PDD lately.  I'm thinking about jumping on the bandwagon and recalling my most-recent trip to ShopKo.


about 11 years ago

The falafel platter! I was so happy when this made the cut with the transition from the old owners to the new. The Lake Avenue Cafe menu would not be complete without this dish, and I would argue it's the best falafel in the twin ports. I have been recommending it to guests at a hotel I work at, and they have been coming back agreeing with me.


about 11 years ago

I really liked the deconstucted fish and chips as a twist on a standard menu item but it was the White Russians that won me over this winter.The White Russians are amazing thanks in part to their use of Rumchata, a cinnamon infused rum with horchatta. Makes me almost miss winter. Almost.


about 11 years ago

I was there last night for Brothers Burn Mountain, and it was great.  The Mrs. and I ate the Dates, Octopus salad, Mac and cheese and a Sachertorte, our friends came later and ordered the Bison Nachos.  All of it was great tasting and presented well.  Staff was friendly and very knowledgeable about the menu items and ingredients.  We tried the Rum/horchata/ pineapple drink, careful with that one cause you can not taste the booze.

We will be back often and will also be enjoying the deck and late night food this summer.


about 11 years ago

Last summer they had a grilled Romaine entre salad that was amazing.  Made me want to lick the plate, and nothing makes me want to lick the plate anywhere else.  I hope they bring it back this summer.  It was a great meal, or shared as a starter.

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