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Jeff Galloway run/walk/run training group in Duluth

If you’re looking at running Grandma’s and/or Whistlestop half or full marathons this year, there’s a new training program available for both races. It’s a group using the Jeff Galloway method of run/walk/run. This is a great method for beginning runners as well as people who are injury prone but want to continue to run the longer races. Visit active.com to register and find more information and details.

Running group for moms

Hello fellow Duluth/Superior mamas out there. Now that it’s “spring,” it’s the time we all start to think about getting outside and running again, or to start running. We’re starting our season off with a kickoff breakfast at the Miller Hill Perkins on Saturday, March 23, at 9 a.m. The hope is to offer people a chance to get to know each other a little prior to going running together to ease some of the pressure to going to something new.

The Facebook group link is listed below and we will be getting group runs set up for everyone to get together. We’re hoping to get several options of days/times for everyone since we know there’s never a consistent “good time” to do things as a mom! The group is for anyone who is interested in running, starting to run, training for a race … anyone!

This is not a coached group, but rather a social running club so moms can spend time with other moms to commiserate about the trials, tribulations and joys of being a mom while trying to stay fit.

Duluth, MN MRTT on Facebook
Moms Run this Town website

School Project Help

I am trying to find someone willing to sit with me for an hour or two and tell me the story of his or her life. I am a graduate student in a marriage and family therapy program and this is for a project about the development of individuals by circumstances in their life. None of the interview is “therapy” and there is no analyzing involved.

I really would love to interview someone from the WWII generation. I would love to do this over the weekend or early in the week next week, as my paper is due the following weekend. If anyone is interested, or know someone who would be willing to participate, please email me at joellynsteele @ gmail.com.