October 2009 Posts

Go Twins!

The Minnesota Twins and Detroit Tigers are tied for the American League Central Division Championship. The Tigers defeated the Chicago White Sox 5-3 today, and the Twins topped the Kansas City Royals 13-4.

The tie-breaking Twins/Tigers game will be on Tuesday, 4 p.m., at the Metrodome, about 17 hours after the Viking/Packer game ends. Quite a back-to-back lineup.

Evil Dead: The Musical

evil dead,zombeis,zombies,evil dead: the musical

October 16-17, 23-24, 30-31 7pm

Midnight show on Halloween, too!

Staged at The Venue at Mohaupt Block in the Duluth’s West End.

It’s splatter, it’s comedy, it’s Splat-stick entertainment!

$15 per person
$25 for limited Splatter Zone seating!

Call (218) 213-2780 for tickets and information.

Brian Olsen is an amazing painter

Liked the photo of the old Palace in Suptown-He did a great job for us on the Paladio bldg 2 months ago.

New Japanese Restaurant


Does anyone know about the new Japanese Restaurant opening on 1st Ave West? I guess it’s called Hanabi Japanese Cuisine and it is located at 110 N. 1st Ave West. Not sure when they open or what their menu is going to be like. I did hear someone mention Zen House opening a Downtown location, is this it? Or is this a totally different thing?

Veg Week Potluck Cancelled

Due to the weather, we have decided to cancel the potluck that was scheduled to take place Saturday (Oct 3rd) afternoon. We’ll make up for it next year. Don’t forget about the end of the week celebration at Beaner’s on Monday (Oct. 5th) featuring Jerree Small and Jamie Ness!

Update: Morley Park Fundraiser Moved!

Due to inclement weather, we have moved tomorrow’s fall festivalto Woodland Middle School. Event times and activities remain unchanged. Please get the word out about this last minute change!

Also, here’s tomorrow’s music schedule:
Robi Meyerson – TBA
Rachel Kilgour – 11:30am
Suzuki Violin Performance – 1:00pm


Ig Noble Awards

The 2009 Ig Nobel Prizes have been announced!

– Cows who have names give more milk than cows that are nameless.

– A brassiere that, in an emergency, can be quickly converted into a pair of gas masks.

– Whether it is better to be smashed over the head with a full bottle of beer or with an empty bottle.

Get to the Point Awesome Art & Gift Fair

The Get to the Point Awesome Art & Gift Fair will be held Saturday, Oct. 10, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Lafayette Square Community Building, 3026 Minnesota Ave, Park Point. – Duluth

Awesome things made in the region. Jewelry, watercolors, driftwood frames, photography, felted items, sewn creations, candles, soap, local books/authors, notepads, and more.

For more information, contact 525-5098. www.wendyupnorth.com/duluthfairs.

Magic Mama Music at Beaner’s Central


Former Duluthian, Kjersten Hallin will be performing as Magic Mama at Beaner’s Central this Saturday, Oct. 3 at 7 p.m. Magic Mama performs Organic Hip Hop and World Beats for the Whole Family. She has been on two national tours this year in support of her 2 CDs. Magic Mama travels by grease car, home schools her kids, sews Cat Hats and grows organic food for her family. More info and music samples at www.magicmamamusic.com.

Halloween Banners


It’s October 1st, and that means the best holiday in the world is only 30 days away. We’re looking for Halloween banners for PDD. There have been a few showing up in the rotation, but if you have more, send ’em in. We want to display Halloween-only banners on Halloween. Remember, here are the rules. Images must be 960 pixels wide by 167 pixels high. Don’t stretch the image to make it fit those dimensions, that always looks poopy. Believe it or not, we have standards here. The Perfect Duluth Day logo will be added by PDD’s art department. If you’d like to add the logo yourself, here’s a layered Photoshop template.
The lower portion of banner photos serve as background to the navigation bar, so crop your image with that in mind. Make sure essential elements are not in the area that will be obscured.
E-mail the masterpieces to banners @ perfectduluthday.com
To view the banners on PDD, click here.
To view the huge pile of PDD banners on Flickr, click here. Feel free to add tags or fun facts about your photos in the Flickr comments.

If the Vikings lose to the Packers, I’m blaming it on the lame new name of the field

“Branding the field [at the Metrodome] as Mall of America Field represents an opportunity to share our name and image with an even larger nationwide audience. It also connects two treasured Minnesota brands – Mall of America and the Minnesota Vikings – which adds value to both companies.”

–Maureen Bausch, executive vice president of making people want to puke

Read more here, if you can stomach it.

I Heart Consensual Sex 2009


Friday, Oct. 16

Which Camcorder?

Looking to buy a camcorder for taking music videos of myself singing/playing acoustic guitar for Youtube upload.  In the $200-350 range.  I haven’t had much luck  finding something with better  audio quality that works well in low light conditions.  I was told that flash memory format is the best option but what about other formats that might have better audio quality and lowlight performance?  The criteria I’m most interested in are 1. Ease of upload to Youtube/internet; 2. Better sound quality; 3. Image quality/good low light performance; 4. Ease of use;  5. Has image stabilization; 6. Prefer Mac/PC compatible; 7. Longer battery life.

Would greatly appreciate any feedback or suggestions.  Thanks for you help.  Please respond to me at [email protected]

Culture Of Rape: Acquaintance and Date Rape on College Campuses

Presented by: Sarah Fries and Em Westerlund of Program to Aid Victims of Sexual Assault

Duluth News Tribune paid circulation dropped nearly 16 percent in past year


The Duluth News Tribune is seeing its readers migrate to the Internet faster than ever before. Paid distribution of its Monday through Saturday print editions dropped 15.8 percent from Fall 2008 to Fall 2009.


The Sunday edition saw a 13 percent drop during the same period.

Source: Duluth News Tribune Statements of Ownership, Management and Circulation

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