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Zombie self defense at UMD

What better place to find big juicy brains to feast on than an institute of higher learning. UMD Chief Information Officer, Jason Davis, explains how to defend against a zombie attack using principles of Jujutsu.

Zombies invade UMD Oct. 27

Join us for a zombie-themed symposium that is free and open to the public. Six UMD professors will give talks about how their work relates to zombies. Refreshments appropriate for the topic will be served. BYOB (Bring Your Own Brain).

“Evil Dead” is campy Halloween fun for adults

Evil Dead: The Musical is definitely worth checking out.

Evil Dead: The Musical

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October 16-17, 23-24, 30-31 7pm

Midnight show on Halloween, too!

Staged at The Venue at Mohaupt Block in the Duluth’s West End.

It’s splatter, it’s comedy, it’s Splat-stick entertainment!

$15 per person
$25 for limited Splatter Zone seating!

Call (218) 213-2780 for tickets and information.

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