"Evil Dead" is campy Halloween fun for adults - Perfect Duluth Day

“Evil Dead” is campy Halloween fun for adults

Evil Dead: The Musical is definitely worth checking out.


Bad Cat!

about 15 years ago

I just saw this tonight - absolutely fucking awesome!


about 15 years ago

Bad Cat!-

Does it instill the beauty that is the movie?


about 15 years ago

I can potentially chime in there, but I'm a bit biased, as I'm in the show... It's a lot like the movies in the way that the story is based on the first and second one, and most of the lines are lifted directly from all three movies.

It's completely awesome. I've been a *giant* Evil Dead fan since I was in middle school, and I've been clamoring to do this show for years. It's craaaazy fun.

Bad Cat!

about 15 years ago

It does have the same beauty of the Evil Dead movies, but also is different and can be enjoyed on it's own.

Nate: Are you Chris's brother? I was about to stop and as if you were St. Germain's brother, but you probably would have responded "But I'm St. Germain..."

Also, is the deer head replaced with a moose head in the second act? My friends thought I had gone crazy because I was the only one who could see the moose.


about 15 years ago

Yeah Chris is my brother, and the moose head was one of several purposeful "continuity errors" we have.

Paul Lundgren

about 15 years ago

I believe the Scott character was on stage as the lights faded for intermission, and then the scene resumed in act two, but he was gone.

That and the moose head were the only continuity errors I noticed. Maybe some alert audience members will point out more as the show's run continues.

This is an outstanding play and completely hilarious.


about 15 years ago

If anybody's not convinced, and they are for some reason reading the comments of this article... here's another review... This one's a bit more detailed.


Older St.G

about 15 years ago

MUST SEE.  I knew it'd be good but wow... :D

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