If the Vikings lose to the Packers, I’m blaming it on the lame new name of the field

“Branding the field [at the Metrodome] as Mall of America Field represents an opportunity to share our name and image with an even larger nationwide audience. It also connects two treasured Minnesota brands – Mall of America and the Minnesota Vikings – which adds value to both companies.”

–Maureen Bausch, executive vice president of making people want to puke

Read more here, if you can stomach it.



about 13 years ago

At least they still mention HHH.  It's the field in the dome.  Weird.

Barrett Chase

about 13 years ago

Just wait until we implement Subsidized Time.


about 13 years ago

"Just wait" nothing.  Most time outs are sponsored.

Paul Lundgren

about 13 years ago

Speaking of the upcoming Viking/Packer game, wouldn't it be something if Brett Farve turned on the Vikings and helped the Packers win the game? You know, like a friend of Hulk Hogan who actually was working for Bobby Heenan on the inside?

I mean, once you get to a certain level of commercialism, you might as well go all the way.


about 13 years ago

So I suppose it will now be called "the mall".  Since Xcel Energy Center is "the X" and TCF Bank Stadium is "the bank", etc, etc.

"Hey it is going be fun to go the 'the mall' to watch the Vikes / Packers MNF game."


about 13 years ago

The Honking Stadium


about 13 years ago

It should have been obvious to everyone that it was all about money when they went after the old fart.  

So now they can go all the way to the favre bowl in January after playing in the mall and the packer fans can all say they needed their 'old' has beens to get there. 

I hope his alzheimer's kicks in and he forgets which colored jersey he is suppose to be throwing to.  Of course that could work in the Vikings favor considering he is the interception leader.

frank nichols

about 13 years ago

Just bend over and give them your wallet

frank nichols

about 13 years ago

socialism at it finest


about 13 years ago

Hot Off the Press.... Halftime festivities will include Al Franken announcing that he will make a run at the 2012 DFL Presidential ticket with Micheal Moore as his V.P.  That is the best news I've heard since January!

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