My message to FedEx about their Duluth branch

Messaged this to FedEx’s Facebook page even though I was off the clock (I am not speaking for my unnamed place of business in any capacity but only as a private concerned citizen): “Hello – I work for a Duluth MN business that is having consistent problems with your drivers being unmasked in violation of our store policy, FedEx policy, and a citywide masking ordinance.

The issue is exacerbated by these drivers having a bad attitude about it, and by multiple complaints to the FedEx complaint hotline going unresponded to FedEx’s Duluth management. No other delivery service is acting this poorly and disrespectfully. The problem has been documented since October and since it remains unresolved it is reasonable to speculate that your drivers are — possibly — spreading coronavirus all over town. The situation needs a quick resolution. In fact solutions have been offered to these drivers and have been rebuffed. Please reply and I will be happy to provide more information on this serious issue at odds with your corporate values. Thank you”

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Helmut Flaag

about 2 years ago

Have you tried the 'ol two fingered man-tap on the boys greeting? Followed by harsh language? If that doesn't work graduate to one of those light spring action Red Ryder BB guns or some homemade pepper spray. Hit em on the way out. Pavlov will begin to take hold.

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