October 2009 Posts

Trampled by Turtles — “Duluth” live in Cleveland

The title track from the latest release by Trampled by Turtles, performed at the Beachland Tavern in Cleveland, Ohio on June 8.


EmergencyPrep1 I am looking for a moderator for a forum tomorrow afternoon at the Labor Temple from 4 until 530. The moderator we had scheduled is unable to make it. The topic is regarding funding for long-term care, although you don’t have to have a lot of knowledge about the subject, and there will be local legislators and members of the public there. Can anyone help out?

Wrestling at UMD

As a former wrestler I found this article quite interesting. I remember visiting UMD and looking at the conference Champ Pennants up at the fieldhouse.


Regarding Rod Raymond

Rod Raymond is a fitness instructor at the University of Minnesota Duluth. He was investigated by UMD administrators this past summer and reprimanded for sexually harassing students. The issue became the hot topic in town last week when the Duluth News Tribune reported on it.

A post was made on this Web site last week regarding the issue, and a lot of people weighed in with comments. The person who made the post ultimately grew uncomfortable with it and decided to change the post and remove all the comments, except one.

Since then, PDD administrators have opted to not approve two other posts about the issue — one that didn’t seem to make any sense, and another that was purely mean spirited. A third post was automatically published, but was later removed because it was considered to be in poor taste.

This is a sensitive issue, but it’s also an important one. It is not the intention of PDD’s administrators to shut down all commentary about this. On the contrary, we encourage you to add your comments to this post. If you feel Mr. Raymond’s punishment was too light or that he was unfairly judged, by all means say so.

Just keep it productive, please. Don’t go all batshit loonball.

3-on-3 soccer tournament at UWS

UWS will be sponsoring a 3-on-3 indoor soccer tournament to benefit the Genocide Prevention Network. Cost is $5/person to play or $10/person which includes a Genocide Prevention t-shirt. The tournament will be held on Saturday November 8th in the Health & Wellness Center from roughly 10 am to 4 pm. If you are interested, email Ryan Hebert at rhebert(at)uwsuper.edu. We are hoping to get 16 teams. Winners will receive special soccer balls.

(not so) Fresh Duluth

Fresh Duluth

In 2008 Pro Video Productions in Duluth, in cooperation with a number of big employers and VisitDuluth.com produced a slick documentary “Fresh Duluth.” It was posted and discussed by many of us here on Perfect Duluth Day

I liked the film just fine and from my lay person’s perspective it was well done. The idea was to use it to lure employees to the city and maybe some businesses or conventions or whatever … It features great action shots of the outdoors, culture and business and interviews with a number of well-lit, Ken Burns style “expert” interviews with prominent folks talking about how great the city was including …

–Ann Klefstad DNT arts and culture reporter who was laid off in one of several mass lay offs that the DNT did that same year. Just a few months after the video premiered

–A Cirrus Design Exec (Alan Klapmeier, I think) who was fired/quit/demoted from the organization earlier this year.

And rounding out the list …

–Rod Raymond a prominent local businessman, endurance athlete, and (somehow he also finds time to be a) fitness professor at UMD whose name and reputation are now bound up in allegations of Sexual Harassment at UMD, plus lots and lots and lots of rumors and allegations, that may never end, regardless of the truth.

Now … I’m having that not so Fresh Feeling …

Peace Cabaret on Tuesday

Please come to the Peace Cabaret at Carmody at 7:30 on Oct. 27– suggested donation a ten-spot. This is meant to benefit Sue Sojourner, who is struggling to assemble the photos, the ephemera, the words, the memories, of her role and those of her friends in the fight for civil rights in the south in the sixties. Hers may be the real “greatest generation”–those who threw their lives into jeopardy for some idea of justice that wasn’t popular at the time.

The entertainment will surprise you–political talk that isn’t boring. I’ve assembled sections of speeches from the likes of Stokely Carmichael, Fanny Lou Hamer, MLK, and more that carry the flavor of those days’ immediacy, the sense that something real could change. They’ll be read by Duluth citizens: David Comer, Portia Johnson, Bart Sutter, Rabbi Amy Bernstein and more.

And hey–for fun, Perfectini plays lounge jazz– another 60s artifact.

come on down and let’s think and feel together about what political change can be.

Honkers get together on Facebook

Surely this will come as no surprise, but there’s now a Facebook page for the Honking House.

Paranormal Activity opens Oct.30th

Oh and don’t forget Haxan:Witchcraft thru the Ages with a newly written score that will be performed live by Tim Kaiser on October 30th 7p.m. and October31st at 9p.m. Tickets are available for both Haxan and Paranormal on the Zinema 2 site

How are you liking the Lakewalk extension?


I didn’t get around to checking it out until yesterday, but I must say the new Lakewalk extension to 47th Avenue East is fantastic. Call it reason #1,327 to love Duluth.

My only complaint: What’s the deal with the annoying chain-link fence that runs the entire stretch? I suppose it’s to prevent toddlers from crawling in front of a train, but can’t we sacrifice a few kids for the sake of aesthetics?

Treatment Bound

Is there a person frequenting PDD who actually saw the Replacements play Duluth ? I saw the Suburbs play here twice (1986 and 1987, I believe) But I, a very big ‘Mats fan from my Duluth high-school influences, never saw the band live. I’ve seen Paul in Minneapolis, but he has yet to play Duluth.

Why do I bring this up? Because Wilco, which has covered the Replacements “Color Me Impressed” numerous times since 1997, and cites the Replacements as an influence, are a Chicago band coming to Duluth for the third time.

So why the hell can we not book Paul Westerberg? And did the Replacements ever play Duluth?

We all can talk about supporting local talent and wanting great acts to play Duluth, but why the hell do we not get the Minneapolis acts that have gone national and are influences to the acts we do attract?

Photo from today’s climate action

duluth 350-4

photo: Dan Branovan

Coyote + The Floorbirds

Tonight at Carmody Irish Pub

Coyote artwork by Sarah Heimer

Coyote artwork by Sarah Heimer

Supreme Rockers Reggae Show

Reggae heads, come to the Twin’s bar on Sat. 24th. It’s the return of the supreme rockers! Current and vintage tunes, cheap booze, no cover, LOUD BASS! come enjoy the vibes!

Oct 24 Int’l Day of Climate Action

Last year, NASA’s James Hansen issued a devastating report on climate change, concluding that any amount of CO2 in the atmosphere above 350 parts per million (ppm) is not compatible “with a planet upon which civilization developed, or to which life on Earth has adapted.” Problem is, we’re already at 389ppm and rising.

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