Oct 24 Int’l Day of Climate Action

Last year, NASA’s James Hansen issued a devastating report on climate change, concluding that any amount of CO2 in the atmosphere above 350 parts per million (ppm) is not compatible “with a planet upon which civilization developed, or to which life on Earth has adapted.” Problem is, we’re already at 389ppm and rising.

If we don’t reverse course fast, we’re toast.

October 24 will see the largest international coordinated climate action in history — 4,000 events in 174 countries and Antarctica — all putting pressure on world leaders to take bold action to address the crisis at their December climate talks in Copenhagen, and get back under 350.

350.org is collecting photos of all of these events to present to the UN. Help us make a good showing in the Twin Ports.

The rally kicks off tomorrow at 3 p.m. on the Harbor side of the DECC. Bike if you can, because after a couple speakers police chief Gordon Ramsay and the anarchists down at the Bike Cave are going to lead a group ride through Canal Park (there’s a walking/kiddie route, too). We’ll meet back up at exactly 3:50 for a big group photo at Endion Beach (I don’t know what else to call it … the armpit of the lake? Y’know, the rocky beach behind the Canal Park “Lodge”).

If you’re up for more fun, check out today’s waltz-in at 4. More details on everything at 350twinports.wordpress.com.



about 14 years ago

If the situation is that ominous, why are the people in the photo smiling?

It also reminds me of a Dilbert comic strip in which the concept of "Save the Planet; kill yourself" was suggested.

People will come around when their houses are flooded and valueless, and total global economic collapse gives way to the necessity of localized economies. Until then, we will remain screwed, and I will continue to bike and grow my own food.




about 14 years ago

Or you could just use a garden hose to lower it!


Joel Kilgour

about 14 years ago

Don't feel like you need to frown every time you make a good decision, E. It's bad PR, for one thing. 

The photo is of an entire class at CSS that walked out on Tuesday. A baby step, of course, but for some of them it was a first ever overtly political act. That deserves a smile.

And, yeah, I agree things are bleak. But throwing up our hands is a privilege. We'll  weather the storm okay... it'll be drier and warmer in Duluth, but we won't be dying in droves. The poorest people in the world, however, are already living under droughts and floods and have by and large "come around." Unfortunately, they don't have political capital. Maybe we don't have much either, but I'm willing to put up a fight.


about 14 years ago

You're right. Doing something political for perhaps the first time would make you smile.

I am actually slightly encouraged by the seemingly better awareness of our youth (pronounced youts), and even our elderly. It seems to be the middle-age American crowd that I get disgusted with most often, regardless of their tax bracket. They seem to be the most defensive about their SUVs and 5000 square foot houses.

Unfortunately they also seem to be the ones with the most spending power (and breeding power) to muck things up for the rest of humanity. As they say, "denial" ain't just a river in Egypt...yeah, and neither is "rationalization"...but who cares about Egypt anyway, they are a bunch of terrorists...Go America!...Wooooooo...

Thanks Joel, now my panties are all in a twist;)

Paul Lundgren

about 14 years ago

Middle-aged people have more breeding power?


about 14 years ago

What did they walk out of?  Was the professor of the class a climate change denier?  Maybe they are just happy to get out of class.

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