Doctor Who could be coming to Duluth TV

A popular science fiction series could be airing on Duluth televisions soon. I am in the process of trying to raise money for the purchase of Doctor Who Series 7. The series would be shown on WDSE-WRPT PBS, channels 8 and 31, though it should be noted that the station wants no involvement or association in the fundraising process. 

UPDATE: I am not proceeding with the fundraising campaign. The cost of Series 7 of Doctor Who is $2,800, and there is no workable way to deal with the donations.



about 3 years ago

Why not set up a campaign on Indiegogo and re-post  with a link. I think you'll be much more likely to receive funds than if you're relying on donations through the mail.

Also, perhaps letting backers know what the goal amount is? How much are we looking at?

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about 3 years ago

I would support this, especially in Indiegogo/Kickstarter/whatever form.

I have always wondered why I live in a town so provincial and odd as not to air Dr. Who.  In Milwaukee and Madison and even St. Paul, Doctor Who was always a magnet for local sponsors (as key businesses knew exactly what audience they were reaching when they sponsored Doctor Who).  The local Whovians were also not necessarily big donors, but they were consistent.  And they were enthusiastic volunteers -- staffing phone banks dressed as their favorite doctors for hours and hours on either side of their favorite show.

I can only hope that someone at WDSE had a bad experience with a scarf or possibly a jelly baby when they were a kid.

I would love to get Who on WDSE.


about 3 years ago

What's the dollar amount you're trying to raise?

Also:  My family loves Dr. Who but I'm not sending cash or a check with my private info to someone at a home address I don't recognize.

But I appreciate the effort and would be willing to consider supporting it via a more traditional method of fundraising.


about 3 years ago

I was actually glad to see someone running a small local campaign directly instead of through Indiegogo or Kickstarter. Those are great services if you're trying to reach a national or international audience, but I don't think that people realize that they keep between 5% and 11% of the funds raised.  Wouldn't you rather 100% of your money went to the actual project?


about 3 years ago

I'd rather donate knowing most of my funds were going to a project, rather than all of my funds going to a "project".
Also, if it turns out that there's less support than originally thought, the money can be easily returned.
The Big List of Crowdfunding Sites
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about 3 years ago

And remember credit card fees are the real killer. If the project is locally funded, that limits to cash/check donations. They won't be able to take credit cards/PayPal without loosing a percentage of the donation (which is what most crowdfunding sites use their fee to cover).


about 3 years ago

What a fine idea. I'm starting a Kickstarter to build a mayor's mansion shaped like a Tardis.

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