(not so) Fresh Duluth

Fresh Duluth

In 2008 Pro Video Productions in Duluth, in cooperation with a number of big employers and VisitDuluth.com produced a slick documentary “Fresh Duluth.” It was posted and discussed by many of us here on Perfect Duluth Day

I liked the film just fine and from my lay person’s perspective it was well done. The idea was to use it to lure employees to the city and maybe some businesses or conventions or whatever … It features great action shots of the outdoors, culture and business and interviews with a number of well-lit, Ken Burns style “expert” interviews with prominent folks talking about how great the city was including …

–Ann Klefstad DNT arts and culture reporter who was laid off in one of several mass lay offs that the DNT did that same year. Just a few months after the video premiered

–A Cirrus Design Exec (Alan Klapmeier, I think) who was fired/quit/demoted from the organization earlier this year.

And rounding out the list …

–Rod Raymond a prominent local businessman, endurance athlete, and (somehow he also finds time to be a) fitness professor at UMD whose name and reputation are now bound up in allegations of Sexual Harassment at UMD, plus lots and lots and lots of rumors and allegations, that may never end, regardless of the truth.

Now … I’m having that not so Fresh Feeling …



about 15 years ago

Skateboarders. The skateboarders are destroying our community. GTFO.

Tim K

about 15 years ago

I thought that discussions of that "not so fresh" feeling were of a private nature between mothers and daughters. At least, that's what the TV told me.


about 15 years ago

some kind of conspiracy!!!

Todd Gremmels

about 15 years ago

"The times they are a changing" 
Big Time Music Person

Death, Taxes, Change and the love of a good woman/man are the only things that you can count on.


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