Newspaper name change: UMD Statesman becomes the Bark



about 7 years ago

44 years later Ms. Cavanaugh's original article is still entirely relevant.

My issue, is I miss the connection/meaning between "The Bark" and its relation to UMD, other than it was voted on by students.   What is its relevance?

Paul Lundgren

about 7 years ago

From the article:

To us and to our test groups, “The Bark” perfectly represents our identity as Bulldogs, and it can also be symbolic of our Duluthian love for nature. The name also characterizes us as a news organization, as “bark” is to communicate or warn.


about 7 years ago

Thanks Paul.  I thought I had read the article in it's entirety, but obviously missed the one paragraph I was searching for.

Tucker James Nelson

about 7 years ago

The newspaper at the main U is the Minnesota Daily. Does that resonate with students? Probably not, but if the content isn't engaging and relevant, the name isn't going to matter. The Statesman was a good, decent name. It was a woman who suggested it in the first place! Besides concerns about sexism, simply wanting to rebrand is weak rationale. I fail to see how "The Bark" represents "a digital-first news organization with a multimedia focus."

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