Minnesota Clothing Sales Tax Exemption Appreciation

I was almost, almost charged sales tax at a second-hand shop near the Miller Hill Mall a few weeks ago, on the purchase of socks. I was disappointed … because this is the law:

Clothing is exempt from Minnesota sales and use tax. Clothing means all human wearing apparel suitable for general use. The exemption for clothing does not apply to fur clothing, clothing accessories or equipment, sports or recreational equipment, and protective equipment, which are taxable.

(From Minnesota Department of Revenue Clothing Sales Tax Fact Sheet)

I was a little disappointed they tried to charge me tax on the socks. But I was more disappointed that no one (not the cashier, not the manager, and not the person in line behind me) realized we don’t pay tax on (most) clothing in Minnesota.

I get that sales tax feels invisible, but we should appreciate that Minnesota is one of the few states where clothing purchases are tax exempt.

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