Who wins the Giant Foam Finger of Greatness?

A group of journalism students at UMD have created their own online journalism projects. The assignment asked them to conceive of a website that focused on a specific media “niche” and to produce content that appealed to that group by drawing on as many online media tools as possible.

The projects range from a Duluth-area beer-review page to a site that links volunteers with community needs in the Twin Ports.

Tomorrow we will have a very informal awards ceremony in which the page that has the most “likes” on our Facebook page will receive the Giant Foam Finger of Greatness Award (it’s a long story).

So, visit the page, check out a few of the projects, vote for your favorite and give the student journalists some feedback. Who knows, perhaps the best of them will actually develop into permanent pieces of the Duluth media landscape.


Paul Lundgren

about 12 years ago

I have to admit that I don't understand how this works. When I go to the JOURNOpreneurialists assignment page on Facebook I see a link to the Volunteer in Duluth site, but I can't find links to any of the other projects.


about 12 years ago

I was confused at first too. If you look at the part of the wall called "recent posts by others" and scroll down, you'll see that the students posted the links to their wordpress pages.

Paul Lundgren

about 12 years ago

Ah, now I see. Thanks.

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