How are you liking the Lakewalk extension?


I didn’t get around to checking it out until yesterday, but I must say the new Lakewalk extension to 47th Avenue East is fantastic. Call it reason #1,327 to love Duluth.

My only complaint: What’s the deal with the annoying chain-link fence that runs the entire stretch? I suppose it’s to prevent toddlers from crawling in front of a train, but can’t we sacrifice a few kids for the sake of aesthetics?



about 15 years ago

I think it's great.  The stretch from 36th to near the Holiday station is quite nice (I know this stretch has been around for a couple of years) as it has less traffic but is still quite beautiful, especially near Tischer Creek.  I can't wait until it goes all the way to Brighten Beach.  It will be right behind my house and will be such a great way to get to Lester Park.


about 15 years ago

I rode my bike on it a few weeks ago and LOVE it! Lakesiders are so damn lucky to have this! I agree with Paul, another reason to love Duluth.


about 15 years ago

It is lovely, and I agree about the fences. Sheesh, that had to double the cost of the thing. And they are deeply deeply ugly. Young teens have  been strolling those railroad tracks in distracted dazes for years and not one has gotten squished by a slowmoving tourist train. Could we not have dispensed with the glittery steel? and then we'd have had enough money to finish the trail . . .


about 15 years ago

Funny, I walk there with kids and love the fence.

The Big E

about 15 years ago

I assume the fence is a product of liability concerns attendant to building a path that actively encourages greatly increased traffic right next to the railroad tracks.  I don't see it as a big deal, in any event--if that's what it took to get the thing built, then it's fine by me, and I've been pleasantly surprised by the pace of the project.


about 15 years ago

Just think of the potential lawsuits if someone did wander onto the tracks and were injured if there was not a fence.  One cannot have a swimming pool in one's yard without a fence...


about 15 years ago

But fences fly in the face of evolution, swimming pools and train tracks are there to cull out the dumb ones before they breed.

tony d

about 15 years ago

Does anyone know if there is a map showing the extension? I'm making a map of Duluth highlighting landmarks, parks, trails, etc., for an upcoming book and would like to get the extension in there accurately. Even a good written description would help.


Paul Lundgren

about 15 years ago

It runs from the Holiday Stationstore on London Road through the woods near Ordean school and out to Superior Street, where it serves as the sidewalk in the business district. I haven't seen any maps yet.

Tony D.

about 15 years ago

Thanks, Paul!

Chester Dark

about 15 years ago

just a stupid question...can it still be called a "lakewalk" when the lake is not even in view after 26th or thereabouts? Or am I thinking about a different walking path?

The Big E

about 15 years ago

Essentially, it runs along the railroad right-of-way out to 47th Avenue East.

Todd Gremmels

about 15 years ago

You can go east(NE)or west(SW)and it is money well spent.



about 15 years ago

My only concern with the extension: gobs of people walking their dogs. Need more frequent trash cans for people to deposit dog waste. 

Also it might be helpful if walkers figured out how to walk on the right side like everyone else in America. I've seen more people walking 4 and 5 abreast and then get all pissy when a rollerski/skater or biker or even, God forbid, a runner, wants to pass.

Dave Sorensen

about 15 years ago

Climbing vines have been planted at the base of the fence in a few places. If they catch on , and more are planted, they will greatly improve the look of the fence, even when the leaves are down.I hope someone follows through with that good idea.

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