October 2009 Posts

Bohemia Arts Show

Pronunciation [boh-hee-mee-uhn]

*a person, as an artist or writer, who lives and acts free of regard for conventional rules and practices.

Duluth, this is a thank you to all of the volunteers that have helped Bohemia Arts start on the long and winding road to co-op land.

Minnesota Supreme Court: Bong water is a controlled substance

In a split decision today, the Minnesota Supreme Court said possession of 25 grams or more of bong water that tests positive for a controlled substance can be prosecuted as a first-degree drug crime.

“Things That Go Splash in the Night” — Fred Stonehouse appearance

Lake Superior Magazine hosts author/ghost chaser Fred Stonehouse at 2 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 24, at the magazine’s office at 310 E. Superior St. (directly across from the Sheraton). Fred will share spooky tales from the chilly waters of Lake Superior, perfect for Halloween.

This event is free and open to the public. Families are welcome. Please pre-register as space is limited. To reserve your spot, call 218-722-5002, 888-BIG-LAKE (888-244-5253) or email reader @ lakesuperior.com.



Relax, kick back, and get a DWI

Proctor La-Z-Boy

Okay, this one’s bound to go viral.

“According to the criminal complaint, Anderson drove his motorized chair into a vehicle parked near a Proctor bar. Anderson told police he was traveling from the Keyboard Lounge after consuming approximately eight or nine beers. His blood-alcohol content was measured at 0.29 percent, more than three times the legal limit to drive.”

“Anderson had to forfeit his motorized chair to Proctor police, who plan to auction it with other forfeited items, Foucault said.”

Duluth News Tribune : La-Z-Boy crash leads to DWI in Proctor

Denfeld vs. Central: Bookends to a Rivalry


Duluth Denfeld played Duluth Central tonight in high school football for what will very likely be the last time. Denfeld won 20-6 in front of a crowd of maybe 500 at Public Schools Stadium.

Indie Film Night at the Zinema, Nov. 7


Candidate Forums

Do you know how you’re voting on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 3? There’s no substitute to hearing the candidates speak in person. You may surprise yourself and change your mind after attending the following candidate forums.

Please join us:
School Board Candidate Forum
Thursday, Oct. 22
Lowell Elementary Music Magnet School
2000 Rice Lake Road, Duluth, MN 55811
6:30 – 7:00 PM Tour Lowell’s renovation
7:00 – 9:00 PM Forum with Questions from Co-Sponsors, Students, & the Audience
Co-Sponsored by League of Women Voters Duluth and the Duluth PTSA Council – Parent Teacher Student Association

At-Large, District 2, and District 4 City Council Candidate Forum
Thursday, Oct. 29
Holy Family Church
2430 W. Third Street, Duluth
6:00 – 8:30 PM Forum
Co-Sponsored by League of Women Voters Duluth, Community Safety Initiative (Duluth Local Initiatives Support Corporation), Neighborhood Housing Services, and Churches United in Ministry.

Vote on Election Day Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2009
If you have any questions about where to vote or exactly what school district you live in check out www.lwvmn.org. The Minnesota League of Women Voters website can help you answer any of your questions about election day.

You could win $100! Just feed the PDD marketing weasel by taking a privacy-invading survey.

PDDMarketingWeasel89457Seriously. Perfect Duluth Day is going to give away $100 to one randomly drawn survey participant. Isn’t that awesome enough to make you want to answer a bunch of personal questions without feeling any reservations or contempt?

Good. Then click this link:

Why have PDD’s powers-that-be ignored their natural Minnesota Lutheran shame and commenced prodding you to disclose information that is none of their business? Because that’s how the vicious gears of capitalism work, you silly goose.

We all got bills to pay, yo.

This survey will gather information that PDD’s marketing weasel can use to show other marketing weasels how this Web site is an ideal place to advertise certain products and services.

Rest assured, the intentions of this survey are entirely money-grabbing in nature, just as the rationale of participating in it should be. There are no plans to streamline content on PDD, based on survey results, in order to produce a highly targeted product that is perfectly tailored to your distinct demographic. PDD wouldn’t stoop that low. This is just about selling more of those little squares on the right of the page.

Your info won’t be shared with anyone, and you won’t be put on any spam list or further bothered in any way. It is Perfect Duluth Day’s policy to be as upfront and forthright as possible while taking advantage of you.

Thanks, and good luck.

FREE Reggae Dancehall Show Saturday


PDD Contest: Guess how many razor blades are hidden in this apple


Be the first to guess the exact number of razor blades hidden in the apple pictured above to win two spots on the guest list for Evil Dead: The Musical. One guess per person, please. Make your guess in the comments to this post.


PDD? Really?


Mark Mallman returning to Duluth

He’ll be playing Pizza Luce on Nov. 13. (Show canceled.) Here’s his new video, “White Leather Days.”

Cover story on Mark Mallman from Sept. 1 City Pages

Explosives in a car behind the Twins Bar?

Duluth Police have three city blocks on lock down and employees at SMDC have been asked to stay inside and cannot go home. I heard there was explosives found in a car behind the Twins Bar. Anyone know what’s going?

[Update] Some dumb ass was “transporting” some dynamite in his car for a “friend” and then got cold feet. He then pulled over and called the police.

Lake Superior Writers Pre-Holiday Book Fair & Reading

On Saturday, Nov. 7, Lake Superior Writers will sponsor a Pre-Holiday Book Fair and Reading from 2 to 6 p.m. at the Unitarian Universalist community space, 835 W. College St., Duluth. This free community event will showcase area authors and give shoppers a chance to start their holiday gift-buying early. Books do make the best presents!

Writers such as Shelley Getten, Dianna Hunter, Yvonne Rutford, Ellie Schoenfeld, Kirsten Jacobson Stasney, and Marlene Wisuri will read and sign copies of their works. Participating publishers include Cloquet River Press, Clover Valley Press, Dovetailed Press, Holy Cow! Press, X-Communication, and others.

For more information, contact [email protected] or call 218-525-4552.

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